1. Gino-CH

    Complete overhaul

    Bought a second hand 5T, which was after detailed review in a pretty bad condition, Rebuild from ground up, including new body was only option. Changed all bearings, swingarms, diffs, motoroverhaul, new pipe, some cage elements, chassis, ...) Lots of fun, still a better experience then buying...
  2. J

    Rebuilding Losi MTXL Steering Assembly

    Hi All, So technically this is more of an MTXL question, but I am trying to reassemble my truck after needing to replace some broken parts, specifically the Hot-Racing ball-bearing steering system. It is pretty much a direct replacement for the stock system, and therefore not a complicated...
  3. Scruffy

    Head rebuild

    Finally removed the head on my RCMK 28.5cc. First time I have been inside one of these engines. Can someone tell me if this looks normal
  4. J

    DbXL with Electric Start - Rebuild Newbie

    Hey Everyone Here a couple of pics of my DbXL I'm rebuilding, I'm really enjoying the project but I've run into a problem and need some advice. The car came with a Zenoah G320RC motor and I wanted to add electric start so I brought the FID kit. Everything worked as it should but today I've put...
  5. V

    Km chassis rebuild

    Did this to my friends km truck chassis, only thing that broke. All buttoned up with a new orange chassis from km.
  6. S

    Rebuild Stock 26cc Losi 5ive T Motor

    Hey guys, I notice that I have leak of oil/gas, and I was wondering where i can get a rebuild kit for the motor? IE: Gaskets, loctite, etc.. Thanks
  7. N

    Tuned pipe or Engine rebuild upgrade?

    Howdy, I'm about to by a Losi DBXL and plan on running it stock for awhile before I make any upgrades, but when I do want to upgrade it, would a tuned pipe give me more power with the stock 23cc motor...Or would I get more power with the engine rebuild upgrade from 23cc to 29cc? Couple other...
  8. N

    Tuned pipe or Engine rebuild upgrade?

    Hey guys, I'm new to gas powered rc, but I've been doing my research. Just wanted some opinions. I'm about to buy the Losi DBXL and was wondering if it would be better to, first, buy a tuned pipe or do the Rovan engine rebuild upgrade from 23cc to 29cc? Any brand recommendations for tuned...
  9. S

    Losi 5ive tear down and rebuild

    Hey guys, wife bought me a well built 5ive for christmas. It is still winter and starting to warm up and wanting to get this thing rebuilt. I have tore it completely down knowing there was a exploded view manual for it, but didnt realize that the manual did not show which bolt length/size when...
  10. Baja_Matt

    Rebuilding the KM Baja

    This is going to be my rebuild thread, your input will be appreciated too. I started with a KM 23cc buggy, had alot of fun with it, replaced some parts right away though. Needed better servos and then the engine died so I put a 29cc kit in it. That ran well for a few gallons then blew a base...
  11. myrcbud

    Shock Rebuild

    Can anyone direct me to a link to a shock rebuild kit for a 5t? These are completely stock. I looked at DDM and all I see is a rebuild set for the 5B. Are they the same? or am I just obtuse and can't see it in front of me? HELP!!! I need an adult.LOL:lol:
  12. jaygreig

    Walbro 668 rebuild question

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has a trick they use to get that little brass cup that seats above the small screen back in without mangling it. I remember the last rebuild I did it took me quite a while to get it seated properly and ended up with a nice divot in the bottom center thanks...
  13. T

    Engine rebuild-worth it or not

    I have a few 26cc and 29cc sitting around that I just ran into the ground.I can't say how many tanks I've ran through them.I have 5-1/5 scale and run all of them pretty hard.I run each of them at least 4-8 hours a week.I've won most of my motors on eBay and bought/won them,which I think is...
  14. Silent_Chaos

    Complete Baja Km 5B Rebuild: Help

    Hey guys, couple of months ago, I have done a complete Rebuilt of my Rampage XB. Made the truck Bullet Proof from 7075RC. Thing is I wanna own a 2wd buggy for a possible future extension to Kraken RC's Sandrail Im new to Baja, I know some stuff need upgrades out of the box, Now in order to...
  15. S

    Rebuild Help Needed on stock KM 30.5 Top End

    So my first motor died a sad death after 1 gallon and now I have a tasty Zenoah 290 putting down power like a boss but I want to rebuild my stock 30.5. It is readily apparent I need a head and piston as the intake port opening on the head where it touches the piston has some distortion and the...
  16. roadrashracing

    Rebuilding diffs

    I am buying a km that has a leaking diff. It is brand new, what parts should I replace in it once I get it apart. Thanks
  17. voo2doo

    Yet another rebuild

    Here we go again.My 5T receiving another rebuild. All of the expensive alloy was taken off after no offers on Ebay for the full car and was sold.So after looking at it in a box and all (most)of the original parts in another box I have been building it over the last few months. Nearly done but...
  18. jackobyte

    Engine Rebuild...

    Got me something nice and shiney this morning for my re-build... "][/URL] "][/URL] shame i now have to get these too, found it when i stripped the motor down ready for the coming shiney bits.. "][/URL] "][/URL]
  19. M

    Engine won't start after carb cleanout/rebuild

    Hi Guys, Wonder if I can ask for your expert advice/help. I have a 1/5th Yama buggy which I got used 6 months ago but haven't started it up yet. It was stored in the loft with the fuel drained. Last week I topped it up with fresh fuel (oil mix 25:1), charged the batteries and went to start it...
  20. Killer RC

    John Schultz rebuilds shocks (video)

    Watch John Schultz rebuild a HPI Baja shock and a Losi 5IVE shock
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