1. 2

    Baja 5b receiver battery

    Hello, im looking to replace the oem battery. What do you guys use?
  2. 1Coopgt

    Why would receiver unbind from transmitter?

    So I was working on the buggy today swapping the throttle servo out for a Savox and when I went to set the servo up I noticed my Receiver became unbound from the Transmitter. Anyone have any idea what would cause that . Servo unbound from transmitter,
  3. J

    Fly sky receiver help

    I have just received my fs-gt5 radio gear and I’m confused as to where the power to the receiver goes, there are 7 places to plug leads in, the bind plug and channels 1-6 I’m am very new to this so any advice gratefully received My thoughts were plug the battery to power the receiver into the...
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