1. buzzkill

    Sold / Found Red Cat Rampage XT used in good condition $350+ shipping

    I have a Rampage XT with extra set of tires and servo saver , I bought it from REP732 a few months ago , ran it 3-4 times in good condition runs good he put an 1107 carb on it so it plays NICE , I'll clean it up before shipping , asking $350 or best offer , I bought it for a friend to run with...
  2. ZRC

    Motor locked up

    Damn! Rampage MT V3 motor didn't make it through break-in cycles. Took the motor apart and found wrist pin needle bearing broke in pieces. Starting to hate gas already and it's my first gas RC. Debating on brushless conversion or Renoah G320. I love brushless, so much easier operate and maintain.
  3. Tony Brewer

    32cc engine problems

    What is the deal? My 32cc engine is acting up. It will run good for about 25 minutes, then shut down. Start it back up and it will run maybe 5 minutes. Start again and maybe 2 minutes before dying. Has a new spark plug, good 25:1 fuel mixture, both batteries, rec and trans good.Good fuel...
  4. R

    Redcat rampage xt

    I just purchased the rampage 1/5 scale gas . Before you ask this is my first RC truck of this caliber and first gas powered truck as well . I've owned this truck for a week and maybe was able to use it once for more than 5 minutes before it dies while trying to brake . Once it dies it will not...
  5. Harold Bascom

    More pictures of my modified Rampage XR

  6. E

    General Consensus on the Redcat Rampage XT?

    Hey guys. Looking to get back into the RC scene and am thinking of picking up a 1/5 scale at some point in the future again. I used to have a Losi DBXL, and am now looking into getting a Redcat Rampage XT monster truck. Just curious, what is the general consensus on the redcat rampage line of...
  7. mailmanx

    New Old Rampage XT-E

    QUESTION 1: Is there any place on the internet where it is still possible to buy improved drivetrain components for the Rampage XT? QUESTION 2: With an XT-E running on 8S with a stock chassis and drivetrain, what are my immediate concerns? OVERVIEW AND DETAILS I've enjoyed 1/8 scale brushless...
  8. atom3624

    MTXL v X v Redcat MT v ... PHOTOS.

    Seems like there are several larger scale MT options available. Specifically I would be interested to see a 'side-by-side' of the X-Maxx and the even newer MTXL, but could include the Redcat Rampage MT and FG MT for comparison. Anyone able to oblige at all - know influential people .... ??? Al.
  9. J

    Please help me decide! Redcat or Losi!?

    Hi Guys. I am a noob with 1/5 scales but I want one bad and I can not make up my mind on which model to get. I've owned a Redcat 1/8th scale nitro buggy and the spur gear broke after running a few times and was overall not hugely impressed by the brand. It wasn't the worst r/c Ive owned either...
  10. R

    30cc rc rampage mt won't start

    Rampage MT won't start! I'm in the second stage of the 8hr break in I mixed the fuel 30-1 like it said it started up fine then ran for a bit then died I got it to start again then same thing now won't start it pops off in full choke but won't start I put in new plug and still nothing what do I do?
  11. M

    XB: The Dark Side

    Here we go! The look I'm aiming for.
  12. blackedoutmt

    CXT Body on Rampage Mt

    For show no bashing of course
  13. D

    mcd v4 monter tires fit redcat rampage mt

    Hi guys will the mcd v4 competition monster truck tires fit the rampage mt?:)
  14. J

    redcat rampage front diff help please

    I bought a used rampage Mt and it runs and drives good but feels like it has drag on the drive train cuz it slows it's self down a lot when I let off the gas and the brake is not dragging.. I took off all 4 wheels and noticed the back hubs spin freely by hand on both sides but the front hubs get...
  15. C

    Sold / Found Trade Rampage MT

    Winter project. Completely rebuilt. Starting with the new v.3 chassis. All ne bearings from Fast Eddy. All new drive shafts with boots. Differentials have been rebuilt and lubed. Alloy shock towers front and rear. All shock rebuilt with new shock socks. All servos are metal geared Hi-Tec. Dual...
  16. S

    just bought a rampage xt

    Well just bought a rampage XT truck. Didn't mean to but I think I got a good deal at under 400. Anyway was on flea bay and trying to get an Mt. Had a bunch of windows open with several auctions ending clicked bid on this with 10 sec. Left and won it then realized it was an xt. So any thing I...
  17. R

    need help with belt drive Rampage mt pro

    Hello, hoping somebody can help me, I purchased a V5 1:1 belt from ebay. Seller is from Germany (Stern-cnc) my idler shaft is too short and clutch bell shaft barely has any threads to use the nyloc nut. It said for use with redcat so i did foresee any issues. Do i need to order additional parts...
  18. Kevhuff23

    Carbon Kevlar Rampage XB body

    Custom made Carbon Kevlar wide body I made for my Redcat Rampage XB. Thought I would share and see what you guys think. Vented for air intake and engine cooling turned out pretty good a few imperfections but not bad I'm happy with it and its nearly indestructible and looks amazing pics don't...
  19. J

    rampage xr Rally carburetor and belt drive questions

    Hi everyone, This is my first 1/5 scale gasoline RC and I'm pretty new to 2 stroke engine. My break-in is done and I made my research because I have a hard time keeping the tune on the carburetor... I saw that the oem redcat carburetor is crap so I would like to change for a walbro but I...
  20. M

    My project

    Hi guys, Baja 5B owner that always wanted a 4x4 so I bought a roller XB. Always loved the MCD RRV4 look so I though I would use it as my inspiration. As a basher, weight is less of an issue than strength to me. Then it began. Swapped the shocks for baja...
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