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  1. B

    Any tips for a new Rovan Baja 5b owner?

    Hey guys, Just bought my Rovan baja 5b recently and having a shit load of fun with it Quick questions tho, How do you guys clean your buggies? I took mine to the park recently and its full of grass and sand Is it safe to wash it and dry all the water with the compressor? Also, I read on...
  2. tim3

    ROVAN LT 320 SHORT COURSE 1/5 32cc RTR 4WD

    ROVAN LT 320 SHORT COURSE 1/5 32cc RTR 4WD Older Thread- ROVAN LT 305 SHORT COURSE 1/5 32cc RTR 4WD All info from Rovan • 32CC powerful 4 bolt...
  3. K

    Rovan Baja 5B Sport throttle linkage setup

    Hello friends, I've recently purchased front and side windshield for my new baja 5b. The problem that I am running into is that the front windshield needs to be modified as the throttle linkage rod gets in the way. I've looked at HPI and other Rovan RC baja videos and do not see same setup...
  4. O

    Needle settings on rovan baja 29cc motor

    Ok so I just got my rovan baja and going through the tuning I set the high needle to 1 1/2 and low needle to 1 1/4 out and if I'm not mistaken these are supposed to be on the rich side correct? Or does it sometimes need to go richer? It's a 997 walbro carb. In order to get the car to not bog...
  5. 2Fast

    Turtle Racing Servo Saver

    Will a @TurtleRacing servo saver work on a Rovan RC 305 SC? I do not want a plastic new one but unsure if the Turtle Racing servo saver will work on a Rovan. Could not find a post on this.
  6. badazz1109

    Baja / Hitec 59805 wont fit

    Hey All, I have a Rovan Baja and ordered a HiTec does not mount up to the original bracket...anybody know of an adapter that would fit or mod? Thanks
  7. Goin

    rovan remote kill

    has anybody ever tried to rovan remote kill switch? If so how did it work and hold up I wanted another thought cause mine is acting weird always turning off. Batteries are full and everything, just shuts the truck down every 10 mins or so.
  8. Dinuka94

    Help me Identify this Baja 4WD

    Hello there! I need some help Identifying this Baja 4WD buggy I can't seem to find it on Rovan,King Motor, or on HPI Maybe I'm looking at the wrong place ? I'm completely new to the 1/5th scale scene please help me out with this ! The Listings say its a Rovan...
  9. crankestein

    RovanRC kill switch question

    Has anyone tried the RovanRC kill switch that costs $29.99? Installed it on the 1/5 scale truck and would get random shutdowns. Checked for any exposed wiring, loose connections, tx settings for 3rd channel unshared, fully charged battery and a resistor type spark plug. Ended removing it...
  10. Q

    Budget Rovan 27.5 cylinder/engine upgrade

    After doing a lot of experimenting I believe I have come up with a nice engine upgrade for the Rovan 27.5 and on a budget. My car is used almost exclusively on dirt oval but I have tested on pavement too. During testing I changed to 55/19 gear ratio. The car also has the 6000 rpm clutch...
  11. D

    Rovan 305FC 30.5cc Gas RTR Porsche 911

    Does anyone have any info re: this rovan on road car just wanted to know about it's quality or lack of?:)
  12. D

    Rovan 305FC 30.5cc Gas RTR Porsche 911

    Does anyone have any info on this car? just wanted to know about it's quality?;)
  13. D

    Rovan 305FC 30.5cc Gas RTR Porsche 911

    Does anyone have info on this rc from rovan. Just wondering about the quality?;)
  14. R

    Kingmotor vs rovan baja 5b

    Hello everybody I know this question was asking before But i ask if have a really diffrents between king motor baja 5b to rovan baja 5b Who is more sucssefull from problems Thank you for help and i am sorry about my english
  15. 2Fast

    Rovan RC steering servo

    What is a good servo to replace the current Rovan 5SC servo currently on there? looking to spend a maximum of $80-100 Large scale RC has one but they say I need an HPI battery case as well.
  16. D

    rovan 305ft 30.5cc gas truck

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone have any information on this truck. I like the looks. Already own losi 5t. Just wanted something different. I'm aware of some of Rovan's quality issues. I must say that I do own a hpi baja 5b and a rovan 5b. Had no problems so far. If purchase I will replace...
  17. G

    Rovan Baja 5b shocks Leaking

    Hi guys I have a Rovan Sport baja that I have had for 3 months and it has sitting there for one month in the garage. I know I have to change the seals but my question is can I drive the car without shock fluid will it damage the shocks and how bad will it be if I jump the car without fluid...
  18. D

    difference kmt1000a and rovan terminator 30.5cc

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the king motor T1000a and the Rovan RC 1/5 Scale 30.5cc Gas Petrol Terminator Truck RTR HPI Baja 5T Compatible. I'm looking at purchasing one. Need info on which is better and why? Thx;)
  19. B

    rovan mad maxx wheels

    Anyone running these wheels, I see a lot of them on ebay they loook really good just not shore about durability.?
  20. REDdawn6

    Rovan Roll Cage... Anyone?

    Hey guys. My son wants to buy this roll cage.: He keeps asking me but I have no idea if it is strong enough. Anyone used one of these? I know about Kraken, TC, etc.... Thanks