1. Shipwreck

    HPI Savage Octane V2 or Losi K&N DBXL

    Good morning Guys and Gals I am new to this forum and this is actually my first post so please for give me should I have posted this in the wrong section. I am going to try and keep this short. I have owned a Traxxas Revo T-Maxx and a Jato, a HPI Savage 4.9 and a 5.9 XL all nitro cars and I am...
  2. H

    HPI Savage XL Octane up close

    Here's a quick unboxing and first look at my HPI Savage XL Octane. I really like what I see so far!
  3. k5krazy

    Savage Octane released?!

    I was looking through this months RCCA magazine and Tower Hobbies has a listing and a price for the Octane in the magazine! The only thing the ad says is new but the item number doesn't bring anything up online. HPI still doesn't list it on their site and there still doesn't seem to be anything...
  4. Sharkey

    Sharkey's savage octane build

    ive had this idea rolling around in my head since hpi baited us with the octane and then killed it (and recently there are clues it may not actually be dead). i figured there had to be a way to build a functional gas savage, not something with a 23-30cc engine crammed in it. i spent a few months...
  5. F

    hpi savage x w axial .32

    so got this hpi savage x with a axial .32. don't really like it now so trying to get rid of it for something different. anyone want to buy it im asking 275 shipping. i only accept paypal and info for that is [email protected] send me a pm or a text 7123149942

    Sold / Found Wtd: Hpi savage xl (any condition)

    as per tit im after a hpi savage xl in any condition as a project thanks doesn't have to be in this country

    Swapped the Savage for this

    29cc thing lmfao :lol:

    Sold / Found Hpi savage xl wheelie bar

    as per tit im after a wheelie bar i have one but cant seem to get it to fit so im guessing its not the right one lmfao any help yeah thanks w/e
  9. J-Revo

    New Body For The Savage Flux

    I LOVE this body!!!
  10. S

    Kershaw Designs 5T Savage 4.6SS

    Just like the title says I am converting a HPI Savage 4.6 SS from 1/8th scale to 1/5th scale, parts used are Kershaw Designs twin vertical side plates, axles, throttle and brake rods, Proline 40 series Big Joes, Proline 40 series Weld Cheyenne bead lock wheels, HPI 40 series wheel adapters...
  11. G

    Sold / Found savage for sale on ebay

    anyone interested savage for sale or may consider swaping for FG parts/car
  12. Trip

    Sold / Found Aluminum Savage A-Arms for sale.

    I made ten sets of these for the Savage 21, 25, 4.6, SS, X and Flux about two years ago and these are the last two sets I have left. These were CNC'd, by me, out of billet 7075 Aluminum and are VERY strong. One set is raw, (not cleared) and the other set is anodized in hard-coat black. I...
  13. L

    Project Savage Flux 5B

    I have decided to go large scale electric but not in any conventional way. I am taking the savage flux to 1/5 scale conversion route. Below is a list of items ordered and on hand to do the conversion: 1 savage flux 1 tcs crawlers 5t conversion 1 prepainted hpi baja 5b body and wing 2...
  14. tizdaz

    Sold / Found FS: 2x Savages & Hyper ST

    FS: 2x Savages & Hyper hi guys My mate is selling up (wants a largescale! lol) & asked me to ask about for him, hes a bit numb when it comes to the net & forums ^^ He has 2x Savages 4.6 & a Hyper, the 4.6 is hopped up with gears etc & all working the other is pretty much stock but needs...
  15. Sharkey

    savage x ss onboard footage

    tested out the keychain cam on the savage today. lemme know what you think
  16. T

    Savage Flux conversion to Baja...

    Have you guys seen the new RC Driver? They converted a Savage Flux into a Baja Flux. The conversion was done using a chasis by This thing is freaking cool. Instead of a B5 I might build one...
  17. T

    I broke my savage :)

    Are the RPM arms worth the money? where does one get them from in Australia? are there any other parts I should look into replacing? thanks!
  18. T

    I has a brushless Savage :D

    Sorry about the low res pics, I didn't realise my phone was set to 0.3mp I'm running the 150amp HK ESC, the 2800kv KD36 motor, and two 25-35C, 5000mah, 4s turnigy lipos in parallel. unfortunately, the stock battery boxes won't fit these batteries :p not sure how well the motor mount...
  19. MrUnlimited

    Conversion HPI Savage to gas

    Possible? A friend of mine has one and he was wondering if it is possible to mount a 23cc or 26cc to the truck. I personally have my doubts.
  20. pipeous

    Convert a Savage Flux to a 1/5 scale

    This has really made me think hard. I want to find a Flux now and do one of these. It's sweet
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