1. L

    SAVOX SB-2230SG Kick butt standard size servo!!!!!!!

    The Savox SB-2230SG is crazy strong and fast!!! used one in new setup and gave it a quick try without end points setup and it busted up a brand new yamadude linkage kit !. Ripped the sliders off and bent both link rods! . This servo is a keeper! Lol
  2. S

    Savox 1256TG

    Is this Savox 1256TG servo acceptable for a HPI Baja Thank you for your time
  3. lighting mcqueen


    I got savox servo sv-0236 & a 0235 got futaba t4pls and the killer rc battery 6000 7.4 v when I put the radio abs on servo sv-0235 will work for just about 30 sec it stop moving start buzzing the voltage don't drop and I had hit a rock that was the size of a fist lost all action but it come back...
  4. K

    Savox 236 issue??

    Guys, Driving my DBXL the other day and my steering servo seemed to have lost about 50% of its travel in both directions? I had to put steering travel up to MAX 150% on DX4C radio. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. E

    SAVOX waterproof servos

    Just came across some product from SAVOX they have waterproof 1/5 scale servos, there are two kindsthe part #'s are SAVSW0240MG and SAVSW0241MG both are high volt and both fit it stock case they are a little taller but everything else is the same compared to stock servo specs just throwing it...
  6. S

    Savox Problems

    I have been racing R/C at a competitive level for almost 17 years. I have ran losi/TLR since i started so naturally when the 5IVE debut i had to have it. When i purchased it i also bought Savox 0236 servos for steering and throttle as well as a @Killer RC kill switch and there 7200 mah lipo...
  7. Revolauncher

    Good looking 5th scale servo from Hobbyking. Savox alternative????

    I think just maybe, I'll let you all know as it is on my wish list for the 5ive T steering, might just buy 2 of them at this price. TGY-1270HV Metal gear Digital Servo w/ Heat Sink 40kg / .18sec / 170g (US Warehouse)...
  8. D

    Savox steering servo?

    Looks like my steering servo is on the blink now aswell... So I'm in the market for a new one for my Fg touring car... I think this is a direct replacement and wondering if it is reliable and up to the job?? Anyone on here using this model? It's the savox SV0235MG...
  9. D

    Mounting Savox1256 on standard radio tray?

    Hi, iv just bought some Savox 1256 servos for my Fg sportline.. But I never checked the sizes before I bought them... There to small for the standard radio tray... But I know other users on here have them on there cars, are there adapters for these servos to fit standard trays as mine is a...
  10. atom3624

    Savox Just Got Meaner !!

    Savox have just announced a 'standard sized' alloy cased high power servo, to take on the likes of the 5955TG, etc. Looks good, and all of my Savox' have been 100% reliable. Al.
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