1. B

    RS5 Droop screws

    Ran the T15 for the first time yesterday and noticed the droop screws backed out. What I did was add nuts to them to lock them in place. Just wondering what the RS5 owners are doing. Just locktite? [/URL][/IMG]
  2. C

    What screws to loctite?

    What screws do you guys recommend I put loctite on? Also, what strength loctite on those screws? Blue, red? I just had the servo horn screw come loose and fall off while running my truck's first tank of gas! Thanks
  3. D

    Engine Mount screws?

    what size screw goes under the engine mount ? can anyone please help? thanks a bunch!
  4. MonsterAir

    Alloy Engine Mount Screws

    Anyone know what size the countersunk screws that bolt the alloy engine mounts to the chassis are? Thanks
  5. S

    remove screw

    Hello how can i remove stuck little stuck screw the screw is the gas that connect to the carb (alen),see link below the screw:
  6. briancaveman2003

    WTB Z-FG06038 - Engine Mount Screws

    anyone got any only want one washer . Z-FG06038 - fg Engine Mount Screws washers
  7. simon67

    problem with front gearbox skidplate screws

    All the best for new year lads, i've just bought the losi 5ive-t and noticed the sticky, so i took the screws out of the front of the car, the part where the front of the skidplate joins the front diff houseing and all 4 were 16mm not 20. could somebody tell me are these the correct screws...
  8. T

    wheel nut constantly unscrews

    Hi all, I have a 29cc KM Baja and my rear rightside wheel nut constantly comes undone. i have tried using loctite but then i have the problem off taking it off. just wondering if you guys experience the same problem and what you do to get around it. obviously the thread on the left wheel is...
  9. voo2doo


    Anyone in the UK know where I can get the best deal on 2.5mm X 10mm caphead screws? I found a site that does 100 for £4.80 (plus the dreaded VAT) but I cant find it again. Cheers J.
  10. tizdaz

    Rounded Grub Screws :( ?

    hey guys, whats best method to remove a rounded grub screw from my gear! i cant get it off :( ? ta
  11. midwestguy69

    Stripped screws!

    My new Km 29cc baja has almost all the screws that hold the bead locks stripped out. The heads to the allen bolts are all rounded out. Man what a nightmare!
  12. dwarfy

    Grub Screws AARRGHHHH!!!!

    I have got the engine out trying to change the gear that mates with the diff as its worn due to a broken engine mount and the grub screws must have been super glued in. They wont move and now the head are rounding off. Any ideas how to loosen them off??
  13. jjdurrant

    Loctite on exaust screws?

    I have the DDM pipe on my FHMT and the screws keep coming loose. Ok to loctite them?
  14. Bigger the Better

    Screws stuck

    Help!! I am trying to disassemble the front end of my Baja and the 4 screws that hold the front plate on are "(*&%ing" welded in place. I tried heating them now I'm at a loss. I have had to file off the Allen key for the last time and have rounded them.:blush: Is the nut thing pressed into...
  15. WoodiE

    What size are the screws on the bottom of the FG Monster Truck?

    On the bottom of the chassis on the FG Monster truck there are a number of countersunk screws. I'm looking for the one toward the front which holds the bottom of the servo saver in place. Yes I've managed to loose the screw on the flip side; Missing screw on FG Truck, now I'm looking for the...
  16. R

    FG MT: Changing from philip screws to hex

    I'm tired of stripping the philip screws in the FG MT truck, so I want to replace them with hex screws. Has anybody done this? If so, do you have a list of hex screws and their sizes throughout the truck? I'll have to purchase a caliper for future use. Thanks in advance.
  17. allanach

    Counter sunk Diff screws falling out

    The 4 Diff screws that hold the ring gear on keep on falling out, no amount of locktite known to man will hold them in. My idea is to use longer screws with nyloc lock nuts on the back to prevent them from falling out... has anybody tried this or have a better idea??
  18. csp1971

    Tuned Pipe, Melted Roll Cage, Loose Screws

    Okay, I thought I had my muffler (DDM Pipe) screws tightened enough on my Firehammer MT. Well, they vibrated loose and melted my rollcage. The rollcage was initially about a 1/4 of an inch away from the pipe but after it loosened, it was bumping the roll cage. Is there anything I can do to...
  19. FastEddy

    What are the two set screws on the side of the diff for?

    I didnt dig all the way into the diff when I filled it up. I saw that there are 2 set screws in the side of the diff. What are the for?
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