servo saver

  1. 2Fast

    Turtle Racing Servo Saver

    Will a @TurtleRacing servo saver work on a Rovan RC 305 SC? I do not want a plastic new one but unsure if the Turtle Racing servo saver will work on a Rovan. Could not find a post on this.
  2. k5krazy

    Servo saver setting

    I looked in my manual and on the forum but I didn't see a baseline. My servo saver loosened up so I pulled it apart and put some locktite on the treads and got greedy with the setting and killed my servo. Does anybody have a base setting? I have another stock servo to go in for right now.
  3. V

    ally servo saver

    Hi All, just fitted a s/h ally servo saver to my Stadium jeep, I used three 'o' rings on the servo saver, thought i would give it a quick test up the street... bad move, clobbered a kerb at a reasonable rate a stripped the gears in the servo (futaba S3306). Not amused, spent about 2 hours making...
  4. E

    Servo saver

    Guys is there a way to adjust the saver on the new Leopard 2 ? The old FG Alloy saver had a place for O rings to fine tune ? Cheers:):)
  5. briancaveman2003

    Sold / Found FG Monster Truck Servo Saver

    steering servo saver wanted
  6. S

    Sold / Found FG Tires, servo saver, Jack and more.

    Here are a fresh set of REAR FG slicks (2), these have 10 minutes of use on them, these are not the china knock off's, original FG Modelsport set of rear 80mm wide slicks...SOLD Here is a 1/5 scale craftsman hydraulic floor jack, very cool! new shape.. Here is another competition all alloy...
  7. A

    Servo Saver question...please help

    Does anyone know the metric size of the bolt that goes into the servo saver? My buddy has a truck and lost the nut that sits inside the saver that the hinge bolt screws in to. Not the bolt that goes through the spring, but the actual saver that protrudes from the spring and rotates. Very much...
  8. F

    Servo Saver

    I broke my servo saver last week. This week when replacing it I found the bolt that holds the shock tower brace through the upper plate was about a 1/4 inch longer than it needed to be and was catching on the servo saver bolt. This may be the reason that a couple of us have broken this part...
  9. BlakeyB

    Servo Saver Question, too loose?

    So I have noticed when I put on larger wheels like the excavators rather than the stock thinner sand front tires I have reduced turning from a stand still. What I have noticed is my servo would turn fine but the spring of the servo saver will rise up. I have this same trouble on my Tmaxx, I...
  10. benckie

    what bolts are neeed for the fg alloy servo saver

    what bolts are neeed for the fg alloy servo saver the ones that hold the steering linkages in ?
  11. L

    Servo Saver

    The Servo Saver on my FHMT has not done it's job. I have eaten one Servo, and two Servo Horns. I love this truck, but I hate digging the Steering servo out and having to replace something. Any suggestions?? Driving better has already been suggested, and is being applied. Next. :devil:
  12. G

    Alloy Servo Saver

    I am thinking of purchasing the Alloy Servo Saver and wanted some feedback as to which one is better FOR OFF ROAD and why? 1) FG 4493 - Alloy from FG with NO bearings 2) FG 4494 - Alloy from FG WITH ball bearings 3) Elcon 18410 - Alloy spring loaded with NO bearings Anybody running...
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