1. L

    SAVOX SB-2230SG Kick butt standard size servo!!!!!!!

    The Savox SB-2230SG is crazy strong and fast!!! used one in new setup and gave it a quick try without end points setup and it busted up a brand new yamadude linkage kit !. Ripped the sliders off and bent both link rods! . This servo is a keeper! Lol
  2. 6smax

    Throttle servo died

    Hi guys, recently my throttle servo on my FG died. The reciever is working, I put an motor fan in the same slot and it worked. So the problem is the servo. This is the servo (robbe futaba S9310), I looked for it on the internet, but it's old and nowhere to buy. So I'm looking for a...
  3. M

    DBXL Dual Servo tray + brake servo for E

    Hi folks. I've just completed the conversion of a 5ive to electric with dual steering servo, superb little monster! I've managed -with some tweaking- to keep the disk brakes too. I'd like to do the same with the DBXL-E. I've ordered a brake set (FID) and the servo's needed, I just need to...
  4. G

    Hi Ya'll. Anyone have any tips on a new throttle servo for 5B baja?

    Not sure what happened to my current throttle / brake servo, The throttle servo began acting erratic and then just stopped working. Anyone have any advice or tips? The servo actually has gone to full brakes applied. Im wondering if my transmitter battery is getting tired and defaulting to the...
  5. Whoduh

    New Futaba 1/5 Scale Servo. FUTABA BLS373SV

    FUTABA BLS373SV Page is translated from German FEATURES · Powerful S.BUS2 digital servo with metal gearbox · Hi-Voltage · Brushless motor · Ball bearing · Robust aluminum housing · High resolution · High repeat accuracy · Low-wear potentiometer · Water protected TECHNICAL...
  6. K

    Looking for servos for 5ive-T

    Looking for really good servos for my five t
  7. S

    Servo problems (I think)

    Having a bit of an issue with my dbxl and I'm quite new to all this but basically when I full throttle servo opens carb and when I close throttle it closes it fine, but when I full brake and then let of the brakes again it's reruns to a position where the carb is slightly open so everytime I...
  8. M

    Servo for FG Marder

    Hi I'm new to 1/5 scale and just wondering if any one can help me out with the servo set up as my fg marder ain't got any that's what I got cheers for the help
  9. S

    Alloy servo horn/arm

    I am after an alloy servo arm/horn with 24teeth, its for the steering servo(Hitec HS755 MG). Its to go on a FG Monster truck. Any links or shops will be appreciated.
  10. N

    Servo upgrade

    I'm putting a d845wp hitec servo on my rampage xt steering. Should make a huge difference on handling I hope. What do you think I should use for throttle servo? looking at savox sc1258tg and purchasing a kill switch made by dynamite
  11. RustyMiata

    Opinions on king motor brand servos?

    Just experienced my first runaway on my KM 5B due to the throttle servo being stuck wide open. Car was brand new and has only just been broken in. I heard on other forums that king motor servos ( especially the throttle servo) are junk. Has anyone else here had similar issues with king motor...
  12. E

    servo upgrades for losi dbxl

    Hi, I was just wandering what servo you guys would recomend. I am at the moment looking at the uber rc hd servo, spektrum S9020 and the losi 5ive t stock servo, thanks for you input!
  13. J

    Recommend sterring servo

    What's recommended sterring servo for HPI Baja?
  14. myrcbud

    Cheap throttle servo?

    Looking for a cheap throttle servo for my baja that can handle lipo. I recently smoked a servo after switching to a lipo receiver battery. I think it was a Hitec 645 mg. All I need is something to move the throttle and can handle lipo. Don't have much use for high end torque as my baja is purely...
  15. D

    HITEC Servo D951TW Wide Voltage Ultra Torque

    Does anyone have any information on this servo never heard or seen it before, popular in Europe.
  16. crankestein

    DIY, How to fix AS3035 steering servo (w pictures)

    Some may know I went through two AS3035 servos, they are not the most reliable servos there are, but with some tweaking maybe some life can be expected out of them. There are two things that at least affect its reliability, the limiter pin and the center maindrive pin. Here is your servo...
  17. T

    Losi DBXL batery - How to safe use a li-fe 2s for stock servos work like servos...

    Since i have the DBXL that using the ni-mh batery was giving me "#$"#$"#..... Killer RC 2s li-fe 6.6v 2600mah for 40€? Killer RC taller cover for lipo & receiver for 35€? How about 2s 1450mah from Turnigy for 16€ that will fit nice? (need to wire them parallel) Giving a 2900mah 2s 6.6v that...
  18. 2Fast

    Turtle Racing Servo Saver

    Will a @TurtleRacing servo saver work on a Rovan RC 305 SC? I do not want a plastic new one but unsure if the Turtle Racing servo saver will work on a Rovan. Could not find a post on this.
  19. badazz1109

    Baja / Hitec 59805 wont fit

    Hey All, I have a Rovan Baja and ordered a HiTec does not mount up to the original bracket...anybody know of an adapter that would fit or mod? Thanks
  20. S

    Savox 1256TG

    Is this Savox 1256TG servo acceptable for a HPI Baja Thank you for your time
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