1. YungDawdy

    DBXL !DBXL! shock rebuild !help!

    Hi, I am in the process of rebuilding my dbxl suspension, I have stripped them down to the bottom caps and have came across 3 clear o rings and 3 metal washers (per shock) each on top of one another starting with a clear o ring and a metal washer on top. The clear o rings have some wear on them...
  2. A

    5t 2.0 shocks are leaking

    Hi all went out today with my 5t 2.0 just noticed the shocks are leaking now
  3. KyleZisc

    Hpi Baja 5b Shock set up

    Hello all! I’m running a g290 in my baja 5b and the ride height in the back is so low. Not much extra parts wise has been done. G290, new exhaust, Triton class 1 cage, and some other small stuff. I’m looking to get a higher ride height as most of my driving is in the sand dunes. Let me know if...
  4. 1Coopgt

    How much oil does the shocks hold?

    So I'm going to probably take apart my shocks and rear diff and put new oil in all of them in the next few weeks . Approximent how much oil do the shocks hold . Looks like DDM sells the oil in 60cc bottles or 100 cc bottles . They are presently out of the 100cc bottles. Looking at the HPI...
  5. Basher5iveT420

    Leaking shocks help, Losi 5ive T

    What’s up fellas, I recently bought a used Losi 5ive T.. It came bone stock but so far it’s been running amazing! here is where I need help. The front shock had no shock oil in it, I took the shock apart and everything looked ok except for the fact it had no oil in it. I got some 30wt losi...
  6. Spoogity Woogums

    Burst shock body

    So I traded my axial yeti and traxxas t-maxx for a baja 5b, and I noticed the rear was extremely springy. Like, shouldn't be like that at all springy. There was something greasy on the shock sock and the arm was greasy too. I take off the shock sock and the long spring and the bottom of the...
  7. F

    DBXL - E Shocks

    Hey All, First post here. Im not new to R/C just new to this place! Im having a hard time finding the correct info about the shock set-up on the DBXL - E. Bought my buggy brand new and it had a leaky rear left shock from the get go, i pulled it apart to find the piston(the plastic piece attached...
  8. Bryan K.

    DBXL DDM springs too stiff?

    Hey guys, So I just got my DDM springs yesterday and installed them. They are supposed to be 20% stiffer than stock but they feel much stiffer. The stock shock/spring combo had terrible rebound and wouldn't even level the buggy after the suspension was compressed. Without changing any of the...
  9. C

    Where can I find DBXL-E shocks?

    I would like to purchase the shocks from the DBXL-E for my scratch build DBXL... I can't find them ANYWHERE!! Why put a car on the market that u really can't find many stock replacement parts for Yet! What happens when you guys that bought a DBXL-E break something?
  10. T

    Losi dbxl shock question

    Hi there, new to the forum, I just got a dbxl a week ago, and my shocks are heavily leaking from the bottom, I am assuming it's the o rings that have worn, would some o rings from eBay be my solution perhaps? Anyone know of the size the o rings are? I don't particularly want to buy an entire...
  11. K

    Losi 5ive-T Shock Upgrades

    Hey everyone, I so far ran 2 full tanks of gas through the engine. I bought the truck brand new 2 weeks ago. One thing that has bothered me by the truck is the stock shocks. They don't rebound quick enough. The rear shocks sort of sit a bit lower than the front shocks. I assume it's due to the...
  12. Marky

    integy shocks

    Does anyone have any experience with these type4 shocks? They look pretty beefy and are a decent price.
  13. briguy

    Upgraded losi shocks

    Hello, I picked up a set of Axis R/C Losi 5ive Billet Lower Shock Caps aswell as the N-R-P Shock Seal Kit. Is this a good upgrade, running the orange springs with 25wt oil. love the set up but my shocks are alittle wet after running. Hopefully this upgrade with alittle greenslime will solve my...
  14. C

    Sold / Found WTB: 5ive T Front Shocks (4)

    Hi All, Looking to buy 4 5ive T front shocks for my DB. I am in Canada so would prefer something in North America. Even a set (2) or (4) that are incomplete and need some parts (i.e. after the big bore upgrade) is fine if the price is right.
  15. F

    Putting 5ive-T shocks on the DBXL - what's needed?

    Question for those who have done it. I have 4 5ive-T assembled front shocks on the way for my DBXL. Other than the assembled shocks - what else is needed? Screws, standoffs, etc??
  16. A

    Shocks! Shocks! Shocks! Mod your shocks!

    Hello all, very new to these boards but not at all to RC, except 1/5 scale. Soon after buying my DB I noticed the poor poor shocks these cars come with. I excepted this but not this bad. If you like the many other people that hate how there car nose dives and hops around on the bumps and...
  17. C

    TLR Bleeder Caps for 5ive-T Shocks

    For everyone who runs stock shocks and is sick of building shocks with bladders, we just released TLR353003, Bleeder Shock Caps for the 5ive-T. You can check them out on the TLR website.
  18. G

    Rovan Baja 5b shocks Leaking

    Hi guys I have a Rovan Sport baja that I have had for 3 months and it has sitting there for one month in the garage. I know I have to change the seals but my question is can I drive the car without shock fluid will it damage the shocks and how bad will it be if I jump the car without fluid...
  19. MonsterAir

    Sold / Found WTB FG 20mm Alloy Shocks

    Title says it all. Looking for a set of 4 in good condition.
  20. M

    FID Losi 5T shocks

    Has anyone tried these? What did you think of them?
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