short course truck

  1. NewHPIGuy

    Received an HPI Baja 5SC and need help

    Hello All, Neighbor of mine was moving over the weekend out of state and decided to gift me his HPI Baja 5SC. He said he bought it to get in to the hobby about 10 years ago but only ran it a couple of times and then it just sat. He did mention that everything is stock (no upgrades since...
  2. WoodiE

    MCD W5 MAX Short Course Truck

    MCD W5 FT Features: Top of the line competition off-road Short Course Truck Easy assembly/dis-assembly Easy maintenance Centralized and compacted parts layout on chassis Elite racing design ultra-durable high performance parts Fifth generation MCD chassis & suspension arms Sophisticated...
  3. Revolauncher

    1/3rd. scale short course truck by mammuthworks Video
  4. evostyle

    KM T1000 GT Short Course Truck

    Official thread to discuss the King Motor T1000 GT short course truck. I just got mine today and I have to say with just a visual inspection and engine break-in I'm impressed. My truck will be used only for racing. I got the truck almost ready to run from This was a custom...
  5. RAMTech-RC

    Redcat XSC Short Course Trucks have arrived today!!

    Well, Redcat finally did it and made a 30.5c Gas Short Course truck. It is based on the very popular XT series truck, with a short course body and wheels: Specifications: Motor Type Gas 30cc HY 2 Stroke Transmission Single Speed Drive System 4 Wheel Drive Length Width...
  6. M

    Normal baja thing to short course truck thing

    Hi Guys, I have very little knowledge about these cars but I've been asked to help by a mother other a disabled kid down the road. He's 15 and can't get about much. What he's asked me to find out is, what does he need to change his normal looking hpi baja to a short course truck - sorry i don't...
  7. A

    CEN Racing's New Short Course Truck

    New arrival for CEN Racing. - 4WD - 30cc engine - Threaded aluminum shocks - Super Duty Steering Servo - Dual disc brakes - Much Much More Street Price: $ 749.99 If you have any questions feel free to let us know! Thanks for your interest in the all new CEN Racing!
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