1. Suposa

    Nutech Thunderbolt III Electric Conversion

    Hey guys i found this RC in my mates shed a few days ago along with a baja 5b, still pretty new to all of this but i don't think ive ever seen a Nutech Thunderbolt with this type of conversion before, obviously looks custom, would just like to hear anyones tips or advice on what they think and...
  2. Suposa

    What make/model is my RC and has anyone seen a brushless set up similar to this or for this model?

    Hey guys i found an old 1/5 scale RC in my mates shed along wit an old baja 5b but i cant seem to figure out what model this other one is, its had an electric motor conversion from originally being nitro and ive never seen the set up like this before looks kinda custom, can anyone help me out...
  3. P


    Hi i'm new to this Forum, so hello i'm Paul. I have just purchased a second hand Smartech Uno with no instructions or anything. I am new to the petrol scene as an owner of 5 Tamiya vintage cars. I was hoping that someone could give me a clue as to what fuel to put in my Smartech? I really have...
  4. S

    Help needed with smartech uno!

    Hello everybody I'm looking for some help with my smartech uno rc 1/5 scale car. Its a clone of a FG marder and it runs on a PT 28cc engine. The problem has occurred ever since I took the engine out to upgrade an engine mount. The car just will not idle. The idle screw is screwed all the way in...
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