spark plug

  1. Rc stoner

    Best spark plugs in a KM001?

    Hi guys which spark plug is best to use the standard cr7 or the Cmr8h for my km001
  2. Spoogity Woogums

    Possibly dead engine *updated with pictures of partial engine gore*

    TL;DR, I think my spark plug killed my engine So a couple of days ago, I set out to run my baja. It was giving me pull starter issues (I'm still learning), and once I got it sorted out, i got it to kinda fire up. It would pop a few times like it was trying to run, but wouldn't under it's own...
  3. Peteolheadz100

    Oil next to plug on the head??

    Everytime i run my car i notice there is a little oil around the spark plug, what is causing this? Spark plug is on tight , don't know where it comes from?
  4. Peteolheadz100

    Spark plug crush washer

    am now currently breaking in my 30 cc gasoline engine I noticed when I first ot the car the spark plug was inside the engine really really tight is this normal well after breaking in the car I went to take out the spark plug and everything is fine just to check the tip when I went to put it...
  5. S

    What spark plug.

    I have a FG Baja 29cc with tuned pipe, 2 23cc stock FG Monster trucks, a 26cc FG Monster truck and a 26cc Marder, What are the best spark plugs for these cars.
  6. Whoduh

    E3 Spark Plugs

    Is anyone using these E3 spark plugs? If so, do you notice a difference?
  7. O

    Spark plug color

    I know there is a spark plug color chart and I've looked at it and done what I'm supposed to do but my plug is a dark grey on my 29cc rovan baja. What does that mean? Ive read that if the plug is light grey that means to lean but like I said mine is dark grey and with what I've heard about how...
  8. F

    Spark plug Gap

    I have a T1000A with the 30.5cc motor. Reading the manual, which didn't take long, I don't find any mention of the proper gap for the spark plug? Suggestions?
  9. E

    new spark plug problem

    I got a new CAT5 zenoa ful mod g340 .34cc and 990 carb (no chock) a week a go . Started to brake it. The settings where: low 1 and 1/8 , high 1 and 5/8. IT started , I had to close the idle screw completely . it ran fine. I was braking the engine , so at first vary slow, then a little faster...
  10. M

    Spark plug question

    Guys, On the first run, a day after break in of my km1000, i couldnt start the engine. After a LOT of pulls, i decided to change the spark plug, and then, started inmediately. I replaced the torch plug with a ngk. I used that new spark plug for about 1 and a 1/2 tank, not in one run, maybe 2...
  11. WoodiE

    Spark plug color chart

    Good article showing the different conditions of spark plugs and the cause and fix for them: Spark Plug Color Chart
  12. 2

    Going through spark plugs Help

    Hey guys im new to the site i have a lowered Km t1000 I had the truck for about 2 months now and gone through 4 spark plugs. i been using ngk plugs. Can anyone help with why im going through spark plugs so fast.
  13. A

    Spark plug problem

    Having a problem with my spark plug or spark plug wire, ive taken the plug out of the engine and put it back in the spark plug wire to see if it still works and it only shows a spark when i put something metal on the wire any ideas
  14. M

    spark plug

    does anyone know what gap should be on plug thanks
  15. OuttaLuck

    Recommended spark plugs for Zenoah/Chung Yang

    What Spark plugs will work in my Zenoah or Chung Yang RC-style engine? What electrode gap is correct? For the Zenoah RC-style engines and clones, the following plugs work well: Champion R27C NGK CR8HVX NGK CR8HSA NGK CR7HVX NGK CR7HSA NGK CMR8A NGK CMR7A This plug works the BEST: NGK CR8HIX...
  16. B

    Coil/spark plug wires

    In the past week or two, I have helped about 5 locals with there bajas not running and all of them turned out to be a plug wire. A very simple fix since I have a roll of 7mm accel super stock copper core wire, which is what you want for a magneto ignition since it has 1 ohm resistance. I firmly...
  17. B

    Spark plug Leed

    Just a quick question. Can you replace the leed on a km coil like the hpi ones? I was stupid and thought of running my car without the cage a crushed a plug and now when it's running if I push on the leed it kills the engine. So I know I need a new leed. Or at the very least a new plug...
  18. rbrasb

    How long did your stock spark plug last

    Just to start I am still using my original torqe plug almost done with 2nd gallon of gas AND still seems to be running very well only tweaks are 1/16th turn richer on low end 1/16th turn leaner on high end "plus or minus a little" Should I expect more or what? P.S KM 002 Baja/ almost...
  19. V

    Spark Plug Gap

    What sort of gap do you guys like to have on your spark plug?
  20. jivemother33

    what spark plug

    got a rovan clone buggy my plug in is a CDK CMR7H wha tthe hell is that lol what is a good plug to run ngk or champion its got a 26 cc motor i realy fdont know what kind it is its got a sticker on the side that says CE ???
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