1. Whoduh

    NEW RADIO - Spektrum DX5 RUGGED

    I wonder what this is all about...

    Spektrum dx5c w/ AVC

    Hi guys I'm looking for some help I'm currently trying to run the spectrum DX5C with AVC but I can't find a kill switch that will run with AVC for some reason every kill switch I look for the AVC interferes with the kill switch do you guys know of a kill switch that runs with AVC please thank you
  3. M

    Warning: Spektrum "fail safe" not so safe

    Bound an SR410 to DX2E. Set the fail safe to full brakes in the event of lost signal. The video below shows me testing it out by turning the radio off and on to simulate loss and regain of signal. The first few times behave as expected. However you can see at the end that as soon as it regains...
  4. Whoduh

    Futaba Hits Back With the 7PX

    This is translated from another site. Being that this teaser they release is really sparse on info, what features would you like to see on this radio? How do you think this will stack up against the Spektrums...DX6R and DX5R? Futaba 7PX ... scheduled to be listed in July 2017! Futaba is now...
  5. Whoduh

    Spektrum DX5R

    New Spektrum Radio, DX5R The DX5R gives bashers, boaters and racers an impressive list of pro-class features at a remarkably affordable price. Superb Ergonomics Inspired by the DX6R. Optimized weight distribution and all kinds of adjustments make it easy to thoroughly adapt the DX5R’s...
  6. C

    Killerrc Light Kontroller - Spektrum Rx Question

    I purchased the light kontroller from @Killer RC. As I was installing the unit, I noticed that the black plastic connectors that go out to the receiver from the kontroller did not fit into the slots on the stock Spektrum receiver. Is there a modification required to get them to fit? Not sure...
  7. Z

    Spektrum rx woes solved!

    So I just finally fixed all the issues I have been having on my Baja 5B and I want to post my experience in case anyone has the same issue. I originally had a SRS4210 RX when I got the Super Bee kill switch no matter what I tried I couldn't get the kill switch to work on a radio glitch (the aux...
  8. V

    Spektrum dx4s avc and telemetry

    Does anybody uses or have used any of these things?ive got a baja 5t and still use my stock tx an rx,feel like its time to move on,so i was looking at this dx4s with the telemetry thing and the avc..but does the avc works on a baja as well?any thoughts on the telemetry?thanks
  9. 46u

    Spektrum question

    Will a DMS2 receiver work with a DSM transmitter? Thanks Jeff
  10. M

    spektrum DX4S

    hi, I have a DX4S I would like to know one thing by setting a trim function or any function on the switch "E" is normal that you open the main menu by pressing the? thank you
  11. K

    Spektrum 9010/9020 servos anyone?

    Has anyone tried these new 1/5 servos, Spektrum 9010/9020? Just looking to upgrade my servos in my 5ive and wondering if anyone has seen or used them. Thanks.
  12. voo2doo

    Spektrum DSM Recivier

    I need a bit of help here.I have a Spektrum DX3s and need a few receivers. I don't really want to pay Spektrum prices so I was wondering is there any after market receivers that will match the DSM frequency or will a DSM2 receiver bind with the radio? Cheers James
  13. voo2doo

    WTB Spektrum DX6i

    As per title.UK only please.(mode 2 only) Thanks J
  14. C

    Spektrum DX3R with 4 receivers and Travel Case

    Getting out completely so this has to go. This is in perfect working order. Comes with transmitter,original box and manuals 4 receivers Nomadio hard case. $200 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states: Sorry no trades and I will not separate.
  15. kmas

    Spektrum DX3S w/SR3300T rx NEW!

    The radio is not that old, I had issues with the receiver and sent the tx/rx in to Spektrum and they replaced the rx. The rx is brand new and is the telemetry model. Comes with original box, manual, decal sheet and different handle grips. looking to get 175 shipped to the lower 48 U.S. states
  16. C

    used spektrum dx3s and recievers

    sold delete
  17. I

    WTB Spektrum sm1001 pro module

    Any one got one of these kicking about :rolleyes: I brought the TX & RX only to find the TX is broke and Horizon can not repair it :mad:
  18. S

    Spektrum D3XE

    I have just bought my 3rd FG, it came with a spektrum D3XE transmitter and reciever, looks like a capacitor has been fit to the 3rd channel output on the reciever, Has anybody got any thoughts on why this has been put in.
  19. charlieboy

    Spektrum dx2e????

    Has anyone tried this tx?? I know it's only a 2 channel and theyre cheep but I've been runnin with stick tx for as long as I can remember and want to give the pistol tx a go, I've looked around and this is probably the best available, I don't want to spend a fortune just in case i cant get my...
  20. N

    spektrum dx3s total rubbish, cant 3rd channel brake mix grrrr

    :mad: god damn it omg i cant beleive it how stupid you cant do third channel brake mixing with this rubbish stupid thing spektrum load of rubbish. ive used a y splitter but all that happens is when i put on the throttle it puts on the front brakes total rubbish gonna have to re sell it now i...
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