steering servo

  1. Rcmadman1020

    Savox servo horn

    Hey guys Hoping to get some help. I have just finished my HPI Baja 5B SS kit build and bought a Savox SW-0241mg for the steering. I also bought a 15t Dynamite steering horn to suit. So far no servo horn fits it that know that is slim line as all the others stick out to far, I have tried to...
  2. B

    Vekta.5 steering

    Does anybody have a cheaper solution for better steering on the vekta 5 with out double steering servo setup? Im running irp tire rod ends, turtle steering, and upgraded steering bell crank and it seems to lag big time. Everything is smooth no binding. Im really not trying to spend 350 to...
  3. crankestein

    DIY, How to fix AS3035 steering servo (w pictures)

    Some may know I went through two AS3035 servos, they are not the most reliable servos there are, but with some tweaking maybe some life can be expected out of them. There are two things that at least affect its reliability, the limiter pin and the center maindrive pin. Here is your servo...
  4. D

    Steering servo

    Hpi Baja steering servo wont turn at all but when I try to move the wheels with my hands when the receiver is switched on it feels like it is Engadged( I can't move it with my hands or it will start straining the servo). I did notice that the servo started to glitch little bit but then it just...
  5. Z

    Steering servo

    Does anyone got a spare they can part with for a baja
  6. 2Fast

    Rovan RC steering servo

    What is a good servo to replace the current Rovan 5SC servo currently on there? looking to spend a maximum of $80-100 Large scale RC has one but they say I need an HPI battery case as well.
  7. L

    losi steering servo horn

    i was wondering what is the correct way to mount servo horn on steering servo?the losi manual says to mount it parallel,but must pictures ive seen them mounted slightly pointed to the back.which is the correct way?
  8. J

    Aluminum Steering Servo Horn

    I stripped out my stock plastic servo horn on a septic mound jump gone wrong. Do I upgrade to an aluminum horn or stick with the plastic piece to save my servo when it happens next time? I am new to the hobby, so I'm not sure how tough the servo is.
  9. M

    Steering servo

    Ok guys. Have a problem. I just smoked two Hitec servos. Just got off the phone with Hitec. They said the servos I was using are not strong enough. They side I need a Hitec HS-1000SGT. That's a $400 servo. Wth! Any ideas?
  10. S

    Area RC Dual Steering servo radio tray V3 full metal version for LOSI 5T 0236/5765
  11. Tisane

    Drop in fit steering servos.

    Ok so my steering servo just went up in smoke :( No matter how much I've looked I cannot find a definitive answer to what servo/s will simply drop in with no issues or mods. So who has changed out their steering servo and what servo did you use.
  12. M

    Stock steering servo dead

    I haven´t finished my second tank of gas and the steering servo died. I have using the stock battery and a lipo i had. Must say it died with the lipo. Any recomendations for a good servo? Right now my choose is the hitec 5765 or the savox 236. The aluminium servo arms of dgi or fdi will fit...
  13. S

    wiper motor steering servo

    Hi I wonder if someone can provide me with some info regarding the item-, I read the description carefully and also looked at the manual regarding this item but my question remains unanswered mainly because I'm totally new to electronics and as a result...
  14. 2

    t1000 Steering servo ?

    Looking to upgrade my steering servo on my t1000 what options do i have. Looking to spend around $100 for a new one
  15. C

    More steering servo

    I have decided to run the stock big tires for a while. I have two sets and both are almost new. I have a servo saver installed, the dual servo set with metal gears. Problem: With the stock tires the servo only moves the tires about an inch. I have set the EPA where it is not overdriving the...
  16. 2Fast

    steering servo

    Tried the search option with no luck. What is a good steering servo for the 5SC ( I have a clone made by rovan rc) it hasn't gone out yet but want to plan ahead. inexpensive is Ideal.
  17. roadrashracing

    Sold / Found Kingmotor steering servo

    This servo has about three runs on it. I am just upgrading servos and this one does not fit the new mounts. Would be a great spare. Asking $25 shipped lower 48
  18. NewGasser

    Steering Servo Horn

    I need a Metal Steering servo horn. Anybody got any advice for one that will fit a KM stock steering servo?
  19. H

    Steering servo

    My stock steering servo just out on my km baja,what's a good up grade with having to make any mods
  20. R

    Steering servo

    . I was playing with my 3.0 orange aluminum km5b in a field and didn't see the puddle my baja went through it and stalled right away, after about 5 min it started again and I kept bashing for about another 15 min, then a little screw came off the aluminum steering arm kit and my steering was...
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