team chase

  1. djvrs

    Team Chase Chassis

    Has anyone got a Team Chase DBXL chassis? Is it a real improvement over stock? What's the chassis flex like now? Any other chassis recommendations? Thanks
  2. FangsCPO

    FangsCPO Video: Team Chase (COORS) Championship Race

  3. jaygreig

    Team Chase Cage

    Anyone using the Team @Chase cage on their KM? I am kind of torn at the moment between going for a Pro 2 look or going with a Woodster body.
  4. jw32baggs

    team chase soare tire carrier

    Where can I get a spare tore carrier for my Team @Chase cage? I cannot find one anywhere.
  5. jw32baggs

    Sold / Found looking for spare tire carrier for team chase cage

    looking for a spare tire carrier for the team chase cage..let me know if you have one,know where to get one or can make one for $$ also looking for pitbull wing mount,used but not broken barndog body for cage..
  6. A

    Team Chase RC roll cage?

    Hi everyone, I'm new on here and I can't find any information about this so I need some help. I just bought a used Baja 5b and try to convert it to 5T. I try to order the roll cage made by Team Chase RC and don't know if this cage will fit my setup or not. I have a twin RCMK CR600B with JetPro...
  7. Rickdragon

    My Team Chase 5B to 5T conversion

    Started with my 5B and converted it to a 5T. This is how it started: Now this is how it looks now :
  8. jw32baggs

    Sold / Found wanted pitbull windows for team chase cage

    Looking for windows for team chase cage.if anyone knows where to buy some or want to make me some let me know

    Team Chase RC Club Race Series Large Scale Racing

    For all other information please visit Perris, CA 1:5 scale race series rules 2013 The team chase Compound race facility is a RC club, its sole purpose to provide a fun place for our club to meet and race. The Team Chase compound is a private facility and only club...
  10. jw32baggs

    Sold / Found wtb team chase cage body or zenoah motor

    looking for a team chase cage lexan body or a used zenoah motor. looking to upgrade the cy26cc.also looking for used vrc bigbore prefer silenced
  11. C

    CPI pipe and team chase cage

    My question is pretty simple, does the cpi 5sc pipe fit with the team case cage? any advice on pipe for the cage would be great! Thanks :lol:
  12. jw32baggs

    team chase cage

    does anyone know if the dominator U pipe fits the t1000 with the team chase cage?
  13. TDS

    Team Chase Cage Dye Job Fail =Contest

    Well the attempt to fix my dye job did not come out well. I followed the instructions to a T....pardon the pun! For those of you who haven't seen this I had intended for the top half of my cage to be red.....didn't quite come out that way So.....I'm gonna make the best of it and run a...
  14. jw32baggs

    upgrades or team chase cage?

    i am stuck thinking and would like some input..i want to toughen up my t1000..i already have turtle chasis plates front and back,and the one piece question is should i just keep upgrading?like front and rear shock supports,etc..or just invest in the team chase cage?or possibly both?i...
  15. jackobyte

    How-Team Chase Windows/Panels..

    I know most have seen my homemade panels etc but thought i'd show you how i made them.. First i purchased sheets of 3mm Coloured Perspex (A4 size) and a sheet of 2mm Lexan (A3 Size).. Tools i'll be using are: Dremel with cutting blade Large Round sanding disc and Small Sanding disc...
  16. jackobyte

    DIY Team Chase Windows and Panels..

    Got some 2mm Lexan and a few different coloured 3mm Perspex so i can make some more Windows and Panels to fit the Team Chase roll cage.... The Orange/Blue and Red are Tinted sheets and the Black is the Solid look, prices are going up so thought i'd get it now and make some next week as i've...
  17. Pitdawg

    Pitdawg Team Chase

    Figured i come on and show off my Carbon cage and my new line of windows..
  18. jackobyte

    My Team Chase Window/Panel Project..

    Started off with 3mm Green Tinted some 2mm Clear Lexan ordered and some 25mm Velcro to do the Roof, sides, front and rear..not sure if i'll spray them yet or just use Carbon or Chrome film.. I know some might say the Perspex will crack but if it does it does, i'll then change...
  19. N

    HARDBODIES. Aluminum bodies for Team Chase

    I fabbed up some HARDBODIES for Team Chase cage. Let me know what you think. I used .063 aluminum. They are light but very strong.
  20. N

    HARDBODIES. Aluminum bodies for Team Chase

    Here are some of my latest creations What color do you want yours?
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