1. Skubaben

    Looking for a benchmark/database for radios.

    I been trying to gather good overview over diffrent radio benchmark over latancy and range tests. Is there a up to date overview over something like that? I tried to searching around but only found old benchmarks with only a fue radios. Or maby u...
  2. DaveSidious

    Absima Telemetry Issues

    Hi guys, First time post, but I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've just gone from 1/10th to 1/5th and got myself a Carson C5. I've upgraded the standard 40mhz to a 2.4ghz controller - an Absima CR4T Ultimate. With the controller I got 3 telemetry units that seem to have very little...
  3. myrcbud

    Telemetry Treatment

    Thought I'd show what I've been up to. Recently purchased a MCD XS5 Factory Team and Futaba 4PX. No pictures of the install, but the XS5 has the upgraded MCD racing clutch,dual steering hitec servos, 7955TG throttle/brake servo, and a killer bee remote kill switch. I've even installed some...
  4. V

    Spektrum dx4s avc and telemetry

    Does anybody uses or have used any of these things?ive got a baja 5t and still use my stock tx an rx,feel like its time to move on,so i was looking at this dx4s with the telemetry thing and the avc..but does the avc works on a baja as well?any thoughts on the telemetry?thanks
  5. k5krazy

    5ive Telemetry runs hot

    Ok, my set up is a Speky DX3S, a 5ive with an ESP 29cc ported 2 bolt, Walbro 990, a TGN velocity stack with a shorty filter and the stock pipe. I also have Outerwears on the pull start and crank case. Air temps have been under mid 70's so far. It doesn't matter if I am running in a grassy field...
  6. D

    New radio for DBXL with telemetry.

    I was thinking of getting the SKY FLY FS-iT4 radio for my DBXL because of the price and options of the radio. What do people think Yes or No? What other radios would you guys recommend under $200? Wanted telemetry option. Thanks.
  7. Q

    Need help with telemetry on Mt.....

    Looking for a place to put rpm speed sensor on the Mt. I would like to see the mph on the dx3s. Any help? Thanks in advance.
  8. C

    5T 1st run overheating sensor telemetry reading

    So I bought my 5t a few weeks back from with the zenoah upgrade 29cc. I took it out this past weekend and kept getting a hot sensor reading on the Spektrum telemetry. The last thing I wanna do is blow the motor on a brand new truck. Any suggestions before I take it out again ...
  9. N

    spektrum dx3s temp telemetry, how to setup on a 23cc engine

    hey guys i've just got a spektrum dx3s does anyone know or have any advise as to how i can link the temp gauge to a 23cc engine? in the booklet it says its for a nitro engine not petrol. i really want to use it though and have seen others using this setup on youtube on baja's n fgs but none say...
  10. A

    Telemetry radio choices?3

    I'm getting a Losi 5t and I'm wondering if there are any other tr/rx with telemetry besides the spectrum dx3-s. Seen in a few forums range issues with them. If not, would soldering a longer wire to rx fix the issue. Would love to use the features but don't range/run away problems.
  11. voo2doo


    Good morning folks I have a DX3r Spekky and was wondering if anyone else had one and mounted the sensors? I was looking last night as to where to mount the RPM sensor but its not looking too good. Does anyone have any pictures of the mounting positions that they have used on there truck/car...
  12. doggy

    TACH / SPEED telemetry sensor on rally car?

    Hi! Did anyone mount TACH / SPEED telemetry sensor on MCD Rally? What is the best place to put it?
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