1. DaveSidious

    Absima Telemetry Issues

    Hi guys, First time post, but I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've just gone from 1/10th to 1/5th and got myself a Carson C5. I've upgraded the standard 40mhz to a 2.4ghz controller - an Absima CR4T Ultimate. With the controller I got 3 telemetry units that seem to have very little...
  2. Rabidfox50

    Ceramic / High temp paint on pipe?

    Thinking of painting the pipe on my T1000 when it arrives. I hate chrome, always have. Any problems if I do?
  3. R

    Porting Templates

    Correct me if I'm wrong but an American firm dark soul was selling porting templates some yrs ago Now I've got an original 26cc hpi donk and a 29cc no name spare engine lying around both running. Wouldn't mind giving this a go and I've got a useless 30cc no name brand I'd like to butcher, sorry...
  4. J

    Recomended temp. for tires....

    Hi, whats your opinion about the correct temp on a tires for a 1/5 before to begin a car race??? I think about 43 Celsius, but i like to know your advice. Thanks Jimbo
  5. S

    Engine tuning in colder temps

    As we near the end of October, I was wandering what people do to run their trucks in the colder temps and possibly snow? Do you still tune by temperature? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. S

    quick question on engine temp

    so I broke my obr prostock 30.5 in according to the instructions on YouTube. All went well. Now I'm tuning it for regular high speed running and I can't seem to get it right. If I turn hsn to where it doesn't sputter on wot it gets to 310 degrees... I'm trying to keep it under 290 but it just...
  7. D

    Zenoah g290rc operating temp?

    Looking to find out the operating temp of the zenoah g290rc. Thanks.
  8. D

    Zenoah g290rc operating temp?

    Looking to find out the operating temp of the zenoah g290rc. Thanks.
  9. WoodiE

    Infrared Temp Gun with Laser Sight

    Nubee NUB8500H Infrared temp gun with laser sight giveaway! This is one tool that can be used regardless of what kind of large scale rc you have as well as nitro and electric RC's! Measures in Celsius or Fahrenheit (Range: -50°C to +500°C /-58 °F to +932°F). Auto Shut-off & Low...
  10. holrits

    Engine temp??

    Hello,, I have bought such a fine Himoto MT www.iccom.dk.....0/HI6505.htm with a Sanwa 4, i.e. with telemetry. I can see my temp. of the motor. The sensor I have put under 2. heatsink. On a slow driving it reach about 120 degree celcius, is that ok or what? Regards Holrits
  11. D

    High Temperature Exhaust Coupler

    Hi guys, Where can i get a High Temperature Exhaust Coupler for my FG Marder ? I have a Zenoah engine and a FG tuned pipe and i have just split the second coupler which was nearly new from eBay when i rolled it. It would seem like i need something quite sturdy. Any help on this would be...
  12. eddie2166

    Attempting to make parts for my truck

    Hi, I want to try and make some parts of my truck (carson comanche clone) like the rear lower and upper wishbones. Does anyone know where I can get hold of diagrams/schematics? second thing, would alloy or steel be better. weight isnt an issue (got a zen 29cc + ddm dominator pipe)
  13. S


    Any one no what average temp of 30.5 cc run at shootin it with temp gun?
  14. atom3624

    What's the Engine Temp .......

    Just received this http://www.ebay.com/itm/120947346217?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 FREE postage from China. I've been checking it out on various things within the laboratory where I work, and it's not far out!! Not bad for £8.00 !!! Al.
  15. F

    engine temp

    how hot should my engine run? the engine is a 26cc fuelie and its running about 240f.
  16. N

    spektrum dx3s temp telemetry, how to setup on a 23cc engine

    hey guys i've just got a spektrum dx3s does anyone know or have any advise as to how i can link the temp gauge to a 23cc engine? in the booklet it says its for a nitro engine not petrol. i really want to use it though and have seen others using this setup on youtube on baja's n fgs but none say...
  17. F

    running temp

    what is a normal running temp for the fuelie 30.5cc motor?can everyone take the temp of your motor for me? i would like to see the difference in everyones motors.
  18. J

    Template for baja chassis

    Hi guys could someone point me in the right direction to a set of paper templates to fit the chassis on a baja. I'm looking to make set of polycarb ones but don't want to strip the baja down to make a set. Cheers Jase
  19. 46u

    Sold / Found DarkSoul 2-Bolt Porting Templates

    Price dropped going on eBay Friday. Do to my old bad eyes and old shaky hands I gave up on doing my own porting. These plates are more for matching the cylinder and case then porting. I have all ready tapped one plate so it can be bolted to the cylinder and drilled out the other plate so it can...
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