1. G

    Hi Ya'll. Anyone have any tips on a new throttle servo for 5B baja?

    Not sure what happened to my current throttle / brake servo, The throttle servo began acting erratic and then just stopped working. Anyone have any advice or tips? The servo actually has gone to full brakes applied. Im wondering if my transmitter battery is getting tired and defaulting to the...
  2. S

    Servo problems (I think)

    Having a bit of an issue with my dbxl and I'm quite new to all this but basically when I full throttle servo opens carb and when I close throttle it closes it fine, but when I full brake and then let of the brakes again it's reruns to a position where the carb is slightly open so everytime I...
  3. M

    Wide open throttle won't drive straight

    My DBXL with stock motor and Bartolone tuned pipe pulls to the left off the line. It straightens out, then pulls to the right at the peak of the power band before going straight again at max speed. It will roll straight. I have replaced all four suspension arms replaced every wheel hub and...
  4. K

    Rovan Baja 5B Sport throttle linkage setup

    Hello friends, I've recently purchased front and side windshield for my new baja 5b. The problem that I am running into is that the front windshield needs to be modified as the throttle linkage rod gets in the way. I've looked at HPI and other Rovan RC baja videos and do not see same setup...
  5. myrcbud

    Cheap throttle servo?

    Looking for a cheap throttle servo for my baja that can handle lipo. I recently smoked a servo after switching to a lipo receiver battery. I think it was a Hitec 645 mg. All I need is something to move the throttle and can handle lipo. Don't have much use for high end torque as my baja is purely...
  6. S

    Adjusting throttle/brake linkage?

    Hello everyone, I finally pulled the trigger on a long awaited, much wanted 1/5 buggy. I picked up a used but like new (1 tank of gas through it) KM 001. I know its a beginner model with a small 26cc but its a lot of fun and all I could afford right now. My question is, when I go to WOT on the...
  7. M

    5sc throttle problems

    Hey everyone im New to the forums here need some help. I'm having an issue. Today I went to run my baja and as I turned the wheel the throttle got stuck. I noticed the gears in the servo got screwed up. Bought a new servo with metal gears. Servo works great but still when I turn the wheels the...
  8. B

    Throttle Servo not responding

    Hi everybody - I am new to this hobby and new to this forum. I recently bought a King Motor Baja 26cc KSRC-001 for my son and immediately run into trouble - it looks like I lost the throttle action on the Transmitter (KM-GT3B) to the buggy... Everything worked fine the first time I started...
  9. H

    Problem with throttle

    Hey all, newbie here. Made the mistake of upgrading before I even started my new KM T1000a. New to gas, new to 1/5 scale. Thought I installed the yamadude throttle linkage correctly but not sure. When I first switched the receiver on and began steering wheels left/right there was smoke...
  10. D

    Throttle brake servo

    Can someone recommend a servo for a 1/4 scale dragster that would handle a hydralic brake master cyl.and a engine using 4 carbs. The engine is a mathos rat house 116 cc. Brake system will be handle built. Thanks for any help. Doug:)
  11. C

    throttle servo get hot then burned up

    I burned up 2 throttle servos today the 2nd one got very hot now it's dead. What would make this happen.
  12. ajdenning22

    KM Baja 5B Throttle issue

    Hey guys i have a Baja 5B from KM and its up and running but the throttle is super delayed. i can pull the trigger and i have to almost have it full throttle before it goes is that because of the tune or because the throttle linkage is just too wide? thanks for the help.
  13. Z

    DBXL no go at full throttle

    Hello, I took my Losi Desert Buggy XL out for the first time today. I went over a lil dip and it caused me to endo or flip over frontwards. After that it just drove very slow, even at full throttle, just barely creeping along. I looked at the throttle servo and push rod assembly, it seems to...
  14. jordanlw

    throttle/brakes hydro

    Hi, can anyone help ?? i have the usual setup of two servos for hydro brakes on an fg evo, how do switch the right hand side servo so it will not brake when accelerating,i fitted a y lead to connect the two servos and they both go same direction can someone tell me how to set this...
  15. 2

    High Voltage Throttle Servo Help

    I'm just picked up a new servo for my baja Savox 0236. looking for a new high voltage brake and throttle for my baja now. I'm looking for the best servo i can get i plan on upgrading to disk brakes up front later on down the road . I has looked at the savox sb2270sg and the savox sb2284sg today...
  16. M

    Throttle link screw

    I was running my truck and lost throttle response . Checked and the throttle link screw is missing that connects to the servo horn. What is that screws part number? it isnt listed in the parts log :mad:
  17. N

    Throttle/brake servo issue

    I have a issue with my servo that controls throttle/brake. Fresh batteries and all... When car power is off servo moves fine but when receiver pack is in and on it just jerks around twitching like...Im new to this stuff so I'm it sure if it's bad or not or if maybe some water got in their or if...
  18. S

    Area RC Throttle Servo Arm for LOSI DBXL is abailable now

    Retail price:US$10.13/pc in Red US$9.5/pc in Silver
  19. Marky

    Throttle Linkage

    I've noticed on my carb that the butterfly only opens about half way with full throttle on the controller (engine not running). There's a ton of sloppy play in the lever system at the servo. I've turned down the travel on the servo to 60% because any farther and it's just squeezing the rubber...
  20. S

    SCZ Racing Adjustable Carburetor throttle shaft linkage arm

    Use to the engine like SCZ-E290,it can 360 degree sovle when you change your crankcase like E290 if the carburetor has the angle problem.
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