1. lovedr79

    First set of new tires - Rovan escavators

    Just got a new set of Front tires for my Rampage TT. I only got the tires, same size as what I curently have on my Rampage TT, however when I opened the bag I immediately noticed that the inner and outer side walls are different sizes. So do i have to run a different beadlock rim now to have...
  2. D

    Trenchers on stock dbxl wheel

    Does anyone know if the proline front Trenchers 1154-00 fit all around on a stock Losi DBXL wheel? I want to use them to replace the the stock tires but use the stock foam and wheel. I’ve seen some say yes it’s just hard to fit and some say you can’t. So any hands on experience is appreciated.
  3. NYCOBR47cc5iveT


    what tires do you guys recommend for the 5ive-T with a lot of power. I’m looking for an all around tire, street sometimes, but mostly grass and Dirt. I have the DDM Billet “Spoke” wheels, they have inner and outer beadlocks. Any suggestions are appreciated!!!
  4. Peteolheadz100

    What street tires fit rampage Chimera?

    Looking to purchase a set of on road tires but cant seem to find any online. Anyone know where i can start?
  5. Whoduh

    Some NEW Pro-Line Tires. FUGITIVES.

  6. Scruffy

    Duratrax Six Pack tires

    Has anyone tried the Duratrax Six Pack on a 5b/t? Look good but would like some insight as to how good they are.
  7. F

    FG Monster truck tires

    Hello I have an fg monster truck 4wd wb 535 that came from the factory with soft tires all around. FG produces 2 more compounds medium and hard. Which compound would you suggest medium or hard? I'm just bashing for fun on almost all type of terrain. I have in mind a set of tires that last long...
  8. J

    Alternate Wheels/Tires for Losi MTXL

    I'm looking for an alternative wheel/tire package for my Losi MTXL. The stock set look great and are huge, but it is clear they are just a wee bit too big for the truck and the wobble is robbing it of some power. I'd like to try something a little smaller, perhaps a set that's intended for the...
  9. Scruffy

    MadMax tires

    Was thinking about trying these Look at this on eBay Anyone here used MadMax tires?
  10. Bryan K.

    Proline rear 5B Desperado's fit all around? Tire foam options?

    I see this question asked several times, but nobody seems to be able to answer it. Yes, you can run 5B fronts all around the DBXL, but what about running the 5B rear's on all four corners of the DBXL? Are there any issues? I built a brushless DBXL from scratch. It's not quite done yet. I have...
  11. J

    Does anyone know what these wheels are called ?

    Hey, I was looking for some new wheels for my DbXL and came across this image of these wheels and tyres. I think they look awesome! Does anyone know their make and where I might be able to get some from ? I pinged an email to rcdriver but I didn't get any reply. Thanks John
  12. Rabidfox50

    Proline Desperado 1/5 wheels & Trencher tires, will they fit?

    I'm looking at the Desperado front wheels for my DBXL and mounting Trencher tires on them. Will these work? I know the split sixes will but I like the look of the Desperado wheels better. If so, what inserts would work well?
  13. D

    FG Baja Tires

    Hey guys, Looking to get new tires and wondering if I should go with M compound all around. Stock form is M = Front / S=Rears I plan to get on a track as well.
  14. J

    "Street" tires for a Baja buggy

    With my local dirty track closed, I'm going to start running my KM Baja buggy on pavement some. Don't want to wear out my off-road tires so going to get a complete wheel/tire set for pavement. I know there are better options than King Motor and Rovan for tires but those are in my price range...
  15. myrcbud

    Tires size fore kraken sx5

    Gonna make a purchase on wheels and tires for my kraken sx5 kit . What size tire looks right with this kit? 5t size? or 5b size ?
  16. Gary McConnell

    Nomad Tires help

    I am building a DBXL and have got 4 new nomad tyres for cheap can any one tell me what rim they will fit on .
  17. satttheman

    Sold / Found Genius FR2, RS-5 T14, bunch of new tires, and a few diffs

    There's a good chance that I won't race this season or even practice much, so I'm putting these up to if anyone's interested. The Genius isn't complete need final assembly and electronics. Can be bought roller only or as you see it with a SCS or Harm Diff. Looking to get $1500 for the roller...
  18. T

    Best way to keep tires from doubling in radius at high speeds?

    Basic question, At top speed my tires on my baja grow almost double in radius meaning, the go from say 3.5"tall to 5.5" tall. I guess maybe gluing the foam to the rubber inside tire and then gluing the foam to the wheel? or are there better foams/tire set ups anyone has used so the...
  19. madmanandrewk

    Exploding DBXL Front Tires

    Was running yesterday and the LF shredded and threw half of itself 50ft into the air. I read up on ballooning issues and so I tore both fronts apart, gorilla taped the foams, and mounted them back up with a new LF. 20 minutes into running today and my RF shreds! What's the deal?!? Are the stock...
  20. J

    Recomended temp. for tires....

    Hi, whats your opinion about the correct temp on a tires for a 1/5 before to begin a car race??? I think about 43 Celsius, but i like to know your advice. Thanks Jimbo
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