1. C

    tonegawa servo mount?

    Can anybody tell me or have a mount for tonegawa servo for losing 5t? Can be standing up or laying down,prefer not to drill chassis.I know uberrc has one for like 200 something dollars for there Huber servo which is a tone pretty much but that crazythanks for any help
  2. I

    WTB Tonegawa servo

    Hi I am after one of these servo's if anyone has one for a good price :).
  3. hyper 78

    tk09 hormann TONEGAWA SERVO mount

    hi guys,i was just wondering if there is a servo mount that is made for the hormann tk09 for the TONEGAWA heavy duty servo? there is a large alloy strenghening chassiss mount that seems could be in the way! as you can...
  4. marderbeet


    if i get a tonegawa servo do i need to upgrade my tray, thx guys
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