1. 1Coopgt

    Arhgggg, need some ring pliers

    My kingdom for a set of snap ring pliers. Trying to install a Turtle Racing servo saver and a pair of Snap ring pliers are required to put it together . It's almost impossible to install the ring with out them . Sadly I'm going to have to wait til tomorrow and take the part into work and use the...
  2. S

    Tool Kit

    I am looking to buy a Quality Tool kit for my Losi 5ive T. What sizes of allens, torx, are needed and or whats a good set to get with all of the tools?
  3. MonsterAir

    WTB WTB FG Setup Tools

    Here is a list of what I'm looking for- 4445 FG adjusting calibre front - set 8537 FG Alloy adjusting disk 145mm - 2pcs. 8539/01 FG Measuring bench 700mm for F1 - 1pce. 8540 FG Inclination-goniometer (looking for 2 of these)
  4. charlieboy

    Rc Tools :D

    Well my order from hobbyking came today :D I ordered a full kit of turnigy Allen, Nut and Turnbuckle drivers for the FG's and was pleasantly surprised on the quality because they where really cheap :D BONUS :D Used them tonight on my sons build and honestly guys they are well worth a buy...
  5. C

    Baja 5b with stand, tools, and extras

    Look at this on eBay: Baja 5b-fully Upgraded W/ Stand And Tools
  6. M


    Hi, im new to 1/5 scale and would like more information on what tools i need to maintain my r/c, looking for links to webistes, looking for price quality etc. any info really would be helpfull

    Chung Yang Engine tools

  8. M

    rc tools

    dear all, I have mismatch of all kinda tools, want to upgrade to specific rc 1/5 and 1/6 scale tools. been checking out annsman, losi, eds, and all other expensive enough tools (hexdrivers etc) What advice can you give me re best to go for, and what tools are absolutely necessary for...
  9. P

    Setup Tools...

    Hi!!! What do you happy owners of mcd rally use to setup you car!?? toe, camber and caster?? I was "playing" rally 101 by looking at it and thinking... wow i would love to disassemble it all hehehe...(by the way MCD RALLY COMES WITHOUT A MANUAL OR A EXPLODED VIEW???) and i notice that...
  10. Trip


    Anybody have any recommendations for a good tool set for the large scales? I never needed them before, because my FG doesn't break! Since I bought a Mutilator, I've needed a good tool set like 3 times in a week! So, what do you recommend? Thanks, Trip..
  11. Clubin

    What tools do you have in your box?

    1. 1 foot nylon rope to use as a piston stoper. 2. Good set of allen wrenches, driver type 3. Olfa 4. Caliper 5. pocket magnet 6. set of metric/standard sockets 7. locktite red/blue 8. aircompressor 9. Battery charger for my RX 10.pullers 3 legged and 2 legged 11.saldering gun...
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