1. P

    Traxxas X-maxx Reviews

    im very interested in the traxxas xmax, I would appreciate any comments on the xmax, to no what im dealing with on the good and negative side before buying one Thank You
  2. D

    traxxas new x max monster truck

    Have you guys heard anything about the new traxxas x max monster truck. looks awesome, just wondering what you guys think?:cool:
  3. atom3624

    Traxxas??? REALLY????????????

    Check this out!!! Al.
  4. Sharkey

    pitgrunt's traxxas nitro funny car

    to start off, this isnt my project, its pitgrunt's, im just posting the pics. the engine is an os fs26s-c 4 stroke (this is a real one, unline the engines in my twin nitro xo-1 that are converted airplane engines), transfers power through an hpi clutchbell, the transmission is...
  5. voo2doo

    New Traxxas

    Just found this....GOT TO HAVE ONE!:w00t: J
  6. Sharkey

    traxxas nitro xo-1

    i recently purchased a brand new traxxas xo-1 rolling chassis from fleabay. since they came out ive wanted one for a project, and being the last chassis i used for an odd project is now 10 years old and is pretty worn out i figured now was a good time. so its not going to be any...
  7. voo2doo

    WTB Traxxas E-Maxx

    As per title.E-Maxx wanted NOT T-Maxx. UK only please. PM me Ta J
  8. atom3624

    Hubsan (Traxxas) Anyone?

    Special Offer on the internet. Interesting product with varied press...
  9. H

    I need help with a restoration of a Traxxas Monster Buggy

    Hello, I'm new to the forum world but could really use some help. I'm trying to find parts for an old Traxxas monster buggy. The model I have will only use the mitsubishi engine. so I either need an engine or The newer tranny cases that will accept the zen engine. for practicality I would much...
  10. Pollishman

    Traxxas ez-peak charger

    Just picked up a new traxxas ez-peak charger at Goodwill for $2.99 today. Can I use this charger for my stock KM receiver pack? It says that it's not meant for receiver packs, but I believe they are speaking of smaller cell size receiver packs. !
  11. J

    Traxxas Monster Buggy

    just got a monster buggy , needs alittle work and cleaning up, has a broken left front pper controll arm ,probably going to make one myself of alum,and something is wrong with the drive train , not sure what just yet, was able to find PDF for transmission ,so i will be breaking it down here...
  12. RAMTech-RC

    Traxxas 1:7th Scale SuperCar Announced

    Looks like 1:7th Scale won: ■100+mph Out of the Box! ■NEW Castle Creations Mamba Monster Extreme Speed Control ■NEW Traxxas Big Block Brushless Motor, Powered by Castle ■NEW TQi 2.4GHz Radio System with Docking Base* ■NEW Integrated Speed, RPM, temperature, and voltage Telemetry...
  13. atom3624

    LiPo BL Traxxas !!

    This is fast!! Just look at those rears when he starts really opening it up!! Al.
  14. Kamitiro Fan


    Up for sale is a Traxxas Link 2.4 radio and 5ch receiver Brand New, just pulled from new slash 4x4 $50 :cup-3: I have alot of all positive feedback at many RC sites. Just ask me # 2.4Ghz technology eliminates channel conflicts for ultimate convenience # Direct sequence spread...
  15. dwarfy

    Traxxas Ken Block Fiesta

    Cool car!!
  16. atom3624

    Traxxas - Monster Jam - Interesting !!

    Traxxas have done it again !! Officially licensed Monster Jam trucks / bodies to be produced by Traxxas. See attached. Al.
  17. ste77_2008

    traxxas revo .26 picco

    this is my new ebay purchase, sorry it`s not petrol lol but still nice.
  18. benckie

    traxxas 1/16 e-revo vxl with 2.4 ghz radio

    well today the 1/16 e-revo vxl i brought for my old man turned up today. he come around to pick it up put it in his car and drove off i only had a chance for one picuter lols i was spewing as i was as keen as him to see it, so i drove over there about an hour later just as one stock...
  19. U

    Traxxas Titan Brushless system reliability?

    I havn't purchased an electric RC in a very long time. I'm thinking about the new Titan brushless boat. I was wondering if those of you who own ANY Traxxas products with a titan brushless system in it could help me out. I'm trying to find out how reliable these systems are. If you could just...