1. Peteolheadz100

    Vekta.5 wont start after 2 tanks of fuel???

    I took out my vekta 5 to run today and during braking airen 2 tanks of fuel and it ran perfect. When I went to start it back up on the third tank of gas it will not start not even a pop when the choke is on. I changed the spark plug, I checked the ignition coil took the engine out inspected...
  2. H

    Running issue, T-1000 starts then dies

    I have the t 1000.. My issue is starts right up...idles good but when i accelerate then let off the gas she dies instantly..I consider myself pretty good at diagnosing most issues with rcs but this one I cannot figure out..it's not the clutch..pretty sure it's a carb issue for when I take the...
  3. 2

    Tuning issues

    Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong ive got plenty of spark my fuel bowl is full I've turned out both high an low screws 2 turns but cant get it to start any ideas
  4. S

    Normal to have to change tuning after pipe?

    I had the stock muffler on my 26cc 001 and tuned it a little rich as it's still in break-in mode. I ran it around then changed to the tuned pipe (love the sound difference!!). Anyway, I had to really lean it out to get it to run after installing the pipe. Its still about 1 1/16 out so I think...
  5. Timritchieblue

    MGM / T.P. Power motor combo ploblem

    Having a problem with this combo. After install, truck would only go 1/3 throttle before shutting down. So I tryed to replicate problem on bench. Any Ideas?
  6. R

    HSN needle making no difference???

    I have an RCMK CR300F - with a 990 carb that has been modified with 2 bearings on the throttle shaft at either end. The carb is relatively new - was performing fine, I have checked all the gaskets and replaced a couple, checked the hose pipes, but despite all that it seems that the HSN needle...
  7. S

    Engine tuning in colder temps

    As we near the end of October, I was wandering what people do to run their trucks in the colder temps and possibly snow? Do you still tune by temperature? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. H

    Tuning trouble

    Hi all I'm very new to all this and for what I've done so far has been great To start my foster child thought it would be a good idea to screw and un screw both high And low settings so not got a clue now I managed to start the km baja without the air filter but when I put the filter anywhere...
  9. kashif

    Baja 5B Idle Screw Tuning Problems - Please Help!

    As I am new to Baja and tried to tune my Baja 5B 29cc (With tuned pipe) to stock settings but I ended up messing it. When I first adjusted the low and high needles to stock settings I noticed good improvement in acceleration and torque pickup when full throttle but then I tried to set the...
  10. t2boats

    1/10 SCT Diff Tuning

    Hi all, Not sure but this has probably been covered over past years. I've recently got into 1/10 electric short course truck racing at my local club and seeking a bit of advice on diff tuning. Now even though I've raced n had fun at club level for countless years, with the exception of...
  11. J

    Hpi baja fuelie 30.5 tuning tips

    Hey guys I need help with my baja 5b. When I start it it is really boggy. I have to give it full throttle just to make it run. My questions are what fuel mixture do I use and what tune on my car please let me know thanks guys [emoji106]
  12. R

    Tuning engine with Jetpro pipe

    HELP!! Tuning engine with Jetpro pipe I put a Jetpro pipe on my stock (23cc) DBXL engine. From a stop I go to full throttle and it takes time to come on the pipe. In that time if I let off the throttle it keeps accelerating. I can only get it to stop by hitting full break.
  13. jaygreig

    Losi 5ive suspension tuning...

    After our visit to Largescalerc in Monon, IN, I deduced that I desperately need to figure out a better tune for the loose hard pack of their track. I am running the orange springs, and stock tires. I had next to no steering on power, so I know I'm going to need to do some diff work also. Any...
  14. T

    Tuning Help!

    hello all i have been having an issue with the high end of my motor. I cannot keep it at full throttle. It doesn't die but kinda cuts out/lowers rpms and gurgles... it seems to be tuned right, up till full throttle. can a small air leak cause this? bad plug? i have looked this up all over and...
  15. D

    Losi DBXL engine tuning.

    I have the DBXL with a jetpro pipe. I want to tune the engine to get the best performance but don't want to damage the engine by running high speed needle to lean. How can I if the engine is to lean. New to the 1/5 scale scene. Thanks.
  16. oxy

    esp 30.5 tuning issues

    Hello to all, i have been killing myself all day working on this new build on my fg monster. Current issue is my motor keeps flooding badly.. i can get it to run if i feather out throttle and dry off plug and i can keep it running as long as i catch the throttle in time i have done 4 heat cycles...
  17. F

    tuning question

    its around 25*F where i live now, just had a few questions with tuning, when i first fire up my truck (KM T1000 30.5) it wants to shut off until it gets warmed up, im not sure if this is normal as this is my first truck. and im also afraid of leaning out the lowspeed needle too much to get the...
  18. G

    tuning problem? please help!!

    hi ive just fitted a g230 zenoha in my touring car and its starts fine, when started its spinning up the rear wheels so its engaging the clutch, ive lowered the idle screw ,but the rear wheels still spin,it runs fine when car is lifted off ground but as soon as its on the ground and has the...
  19. S

    23cc engine tuning

    i am having trouble tuning cy 23cc engine, does anybody know of somebody in Northumberland area to help me.
  20. B

    Tuning Trevor Simpson 29.5 reed motor

    This is a question I have googled and called nearly every hobby shop in Texas and can't find an answer. I would like to know the base/factory settings for the TS reed motor. Both jets please. I've spent about five hours talking to shops, googling and it's like impossible either that or I'm...