turtle racing

  1. Z.hb71

    So what's the difference in these top plates?

    Was scrolling ddm as I do, and I see that there's 2 versions of the turtle racing front top plate for the Baja, a 5b and a 5t/5sc. What's the difference? When I converted my rov 5b to a 5t, I didn't have any issues regarding mounting the things. Is it some money making scheme?
  2. Smietana

    Baja noise - turtle pull starter?

    Hi, I've got some problem with, I suppose, turtle pull starter. Look at the videos please. Noise: Turtle pull starter inside: What can be wrong?
  3. Cupton79

    Turtle racing snapper clutch

    This may have already been asked.. but I was wondering everyone’s thoughts and opinions of the turtle racing snapper clutch.... l was thinking of going this route. I have a Baja 5b Clone with a 36cc engine and have basically ruined a clutch Bell from slippage with the factory 2 shoe clutch...
  4. Stevendavis

    Turtle Racing Clutch Housing with Bartolone Carrier!

    I couldn't find any pics of this combo, so I'll post some here. I think they go together well if you want to use the TR housing with the Bartolone vented bell carrier!
  5. 2Fast

    Turtle Racing Servo Saver

    Will a @TurtleRacing servo saver work on a Rovan RC 305 SC? I do not want a plastic new one but unsure if the Turtle Racing servo saver will work on a Rovan. Could not find a post on this.
  6. omalley72

    G320 w/Turtle Racing

    I picked up a G320, TR Clutch housing, TR clutch bell carrier, and TR clutch bell. When all TR parts are installed, the pinion no longer spins freely. It acts as if the clutch was engaged. When I pulled it back a part to see what going on, it looks like the clutch bell is making contact with the...
  7. M

    Pull start question

    i just got a new obr 31.8 full mod and the compression stripped the paws on the pull start after I started it 4 times. I don't wanna keep having to order the paws for it. Is the turtle racing pull start worth the money or is it going to have the same problems?
  8. Stevendavis

    Dominator Pipe/Turtle Racing Air Box Install

    Here's a vid of a mod needed to use the dominator pipe with the turtle racing air box on the Losi 5. Use the link in the description to view part 2.
  9. S

    Turtle racing pull start?

    I just got my OBR engine with the TR pull start on it. After 3 pulls, it appears the spring broke inside. I would assume it was a manufacturing defect and not TR's fault. Has anyone have any experience with this unit? Should I get it repaired or look for something else?
  10. evildomain

    Sold / Found Turtle Racing Quick Diff Silver "Brand New"

    Ok, here's a brand new in sealed bag Turlte Racing Quick Diff Silver. I bought this but ended up not needing it so it's going up for sale. Keep in mind this is brand & still sealed in it's bag. SOLD lower 48 states(Paypal only)
  11. Johnston.jer

    Sold / Found WTB Turtle Racing Clutch/Any TR Parts

    PM Me so we can work out a deal! I have a Baja by the way.
  12. 46u

    Sold / Found Nes 5B Turtle Racing front upper brace

    New in package never open 5B Turtle Racing front heavy duty upper brace retails for $43 but you can get it for $35 plus shipping. Will combine shipping if you buy more then one of my items. If need be PM me and I will send you my phone number and we can talk. Check out my trader feedback as...
  13. Pollishman

    Turtle Racing pull start v2

    So what do you guys think of the new turtle racing pull start? Any good? Looks pretty tough IMO. Almost ordered one then decided to check with you guys.:D
  14. B

    Adjusting turtle racing clutch or what did I destroy?

    Turtle racing clutch is adjustable isn't it, slipper clutch? Story is I had the mud tires on and was driving through some wet/mud/creek distracting everyone from their sports game and loose all power right in middle of creek. Motor just revs freely. 5 min prior it was doing donuts and hauling...
  15. T

    Turtle Racing V2 HD Clutch System

    Have anybody bought one these yet, any experience running with on yet? Ordered mine yesterday.
  16. 46u

    Turtle Racing clutch system advisory

    Been running my TR clutch system on my 5b SS for 3 years and like it very much an in my opinion is the number two up grade only after a remote kill switch. Up to this point I have been running stock gearing. Being I installed a engine I built a race ported 30.5 I felt the need to gear it higher...
  17. B

    Turtle racing pull start

    Has anyone fitted this type of pullstart yet? Is it any good? http://shopping.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=14857&c=885035&h=cbd7de701ec08a8751be
  18. CSR260

    Sold / Found Turtle Racing V2 Rear Shock Mount

    Turtle Racing V2 Rear Shock Mount Very lightly used £22 Posted Cheers Andy
  19. TurtleRacing

    Turtle Racing Pull Start

    The retail price will be $79.99. Turtle Racing Pull Start TUR0026 Turtle Racing has designed & manufactured this Pull Start to greatly reduce the problems starting your Zen/CY motors. We started with a very heavy duty rope, then we added a double sealed bearing to the Spool. The...
  20. Wicked

    Sold / Found Turtle racing parts (5T mod parts)

    Hey guys, I am looking for some TR parts for a 5T. Front Mount/Shock Tower Combo Rear shock brace Front Chassis Brace Tranny Plate Thanks!
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