1. R

    Suspension Arms

    Anybody have a tutorial on how to replace suspension arms on a DBXL E 2.0?
  2. Z.hb71

    What pipe for 34cc OBR in a HPI Baja 5b?

    So what pipe should I get? I'm planing on getting a 34cc obr or esp later this winter, an I want pipe suggestions. It's for a Baja 5b, not a 5t so it can't be some crazy cross over pipe or something. I'd like a rear mount preferably but side pipe would be ok too.
  3. Z.hb71

    So what's the difference in these top plates?

    Was scrolling ddm as I do, and I see that there's 2 versions of the turtle racing front top plate for the Baja, a 5b and a 5t/5sc. What's the difference? When I converted my rov 5b to a 5t, I didn't have any issues regarding mounting the things. Is it some money making scheme?
  4. Basher5iveT420

    My 5iveT v1.5 basher build thread

    What’s up fellas! I’m looking to do a few upgrades so far i have already ordered a new radio Futaba 4PV so I can properly operate a kill switch, Turtle Racing air box with the Hpi filter and Outerwears for both filter and pull start I would like to upgrade the exhaust, the engine is a stock...
  5. B

    Vekta.5 steering

    Does anybody have a cheaper solution for better steering on the vekta 5 with out double steering servo setup? Im running irp tire rod ends, turtle steering, and upgraded steering bell crank and it seems to lag big time. Everything is smooth no binding. Im really not trying to spend 350 to...
  6. Andrew

    Losi DBXL motor upgrade

    G'day all just trying to get some advice on a new motor for my losi dbxl. I like going fast what should I be looking at thanks andy
  7. C

    7.2V Nihm or 7.4 Lipo?

    Thinking of upgrading my Baja to a higher voltage. What would be better overall and how much of a difference would it be between 7.2 Nihm or 7.4 Lipo power? Yes, there is a .2 difference in voltage but for arguments sake lets say they are both 7.2V. Would there be a big difference between the 2...
  8. Rcmadman1020

    Deciding on radio gear!!

    Hey guys I am in the process of building a mental Baja ss buggy. I have spent around $3000 including the buggy itself. I run my other models off my faithful DX3S but want to maybe switch to the dark side. I was looking at a Futaba 7PX radio system... I would like to know for my Baja SS is that...
  9. evssv

    5ive goodies.....

    got sum bits to fit to me 5ive.....20180523_163626 by evssv, on Flickr 20180523_163652 by evssv, on Flickr hubs and rod ends fitted and new servo in... 20180524_123112 by evssv, on Flickr new silver edging....20180524_140325 by evssv, on Flickr and jus did me new wing...20180525_131002 by evssv...
  10. T

    Aftermarket parts suppliers?

    Looking to see if anyone knows of any companies out that there make aftermarket parts for these yet? Just won one in a raffle and want to beef up any weak points on the truck. Center drive shaft that feeds the rear end is plastic? Looks like it and if that's the case hopefully there's a metal...
  11. G-Man

    Rampage MT Upgrades

    New to this group and have not shared my Rampage MT. Here are a few pics of what I have done to it. Check it out. Thanks!!
  12. A

    engine for losi dbxl

    hi all just wanted to know what any ones thoughts on a RCMK engine to go in a losi DBXL? cheers andy
  13. WoodiE

    Traxxas offering FREE telemetry upgrade on X-Maxx

    Traxxas has announced they are offering a free telemetry upgrade for your Traxxas 8S X-Maxx. With the upgrade you'll be able to monitor: RPM ESC Temperature Voltage SPEED While also receiving free over-the-air updates for more features in the future. Get all the details on the Traxxas page here.
  14. John Parks

    Tax return engine time for MTXL

    Ok fellas, with tax returns right around the corner I'm looking to upgrade my engine in my Losi MTXL. I am trying to stick around the $600 price range for just the engine. It is only a bashing truck but I want it to have balls lol. I see OBR, and zenoah are really popular so I'll likely do one...
  15. S

    Good to see RCMK making improvements to the car.

    May be his is something ordinary for 5th scales, but it's good to see a manufacturer continuously and prove its components in a car. Looks like that drive shaft dog bone now has a replaceable pin. My car stock equipped driveshaft did not have it. Also the center diff gear looks more lightened...
  16. A

    Recommended upgrades and or replacement parts?

    Is there a thread to cover the most common parts that break or parts that should be upgraded to make the car bulletproof? After going off a ramp a few times getting the car 5 ft in the air the dogbones broke, the right side completely snapped off and the left shock is stuck and wont budge, i...
  17. N

    *NEED ADVICE* 1 Month In to 5th scale DBXL!! Best Upgrades??

    Hello! So I am one month deep into this 5th scale and I LOVE this thing. I bought this thing used from a facebook group. I now want to know what the best possible upgrades are and what is something that YOU'VE DONE?? I am Thinking this post will help me out and other newbies in the game.:) I...
  18. Steve Macdonald

    T1000A Zenoah 290 upgrade

    I'm trying to install a Zenoah 290RC in my KM T1000A 2WD truck. It fits so far if I rotate the bracket that attaches to the clutch housing (see pictures), however then the plate that sits behind the spur gear won't fit. Am I correct to rotate that bracket? It doesn't align otherwise. Is there a...
  19. evssv

    Sold / Found dbxl mtxl upgrades for sale

    all my bits off my dbxl as I`m gonna sale it now and concentrate on my Baja https://www.msuk-forum.co.uk/forums/topic/223653-dbxlmtxl-upgrades-lots/ heres my sales thread off msuk forum
  20. C

    Not able to find parts or upgrades for Losi DBXL

    I bought a dbxl and I'm am finding all the parts I'm looking for come from china. Not sure I wanna wait that long for the parts. Also reading reading online the car will not handle a high HP engine without severe wear to the car. Did I make the wrong choice and headed down the wrong road or am I...
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