1. JT3

    JT3 Vekta build log.

    Just starting this to keep track of things and share progress with all the awesome people here. Feel free to leave comments or offer advice on things I may need as I’m still new to 1/5 scale and gas RC. The parts so far: KV7701 - KV5 Ultra unlimited 1500 class w/o motor. RCMax 50gt with billet...
  2. William E Burrows Jr

    Vekta 5 Rear HD upper link Mount

    Dear Members, I noticed a crack in my upper rear Mount, I had an extra one and I over tighten it and cracked that one. I have a previous post on this issues that I cannot find. Anyway I ordered the KV6613 Billet Aluminum HD Upper Link Mount. I my last Bash run, I did notice that it was more...
  3. William E Burrows Jr

    A Short Down & Dirty Video

    Kraken Vekta with Maxxis Tires and the Mega gear set.
  4. William E Burrows Jr

    Vekta 5 - It Was My First Sucessful 45 Minute Bash

    Since I converted the transmission with mega torque gears so I could run the Maxxis Tires, I have had nothing but drivetrain failures. The short list: Transmission bell housing bearing destroyed. Front differential housing, bearings, pinion and...
  5. William E Burrows Jr

    I have made history in the Kraken Vekta 5 world.

    Dear a Members, I was told these famous words, I never heared of anyone having this problem you are describing with the Vekta 5. This came from Tech. Support. To cut to the chase, I changed out the front diff. and replaced some bearings in the transmission for general maintenance. On the bench...
  6. William E Burrows Jr

    Kraken Vekta 5

    Dear Members, I have noticed no category for Kraken Vekta 5. I wonder why? I have expressed my disappointment, just last week I was ready to sell it, but got talked into keeping it. I took it out for a bash last Saturday and destroyed the front diff. bearings, gears and even the housing. The...
  7. William E Burrows Jr

    Kraken Vekta 5

    Dear Members, I run a Losi 5ive-T and a Kraken Vekta5. Comparing the two, I am very disappointed in the Vekta5. I had experienced lots of rollovers with both trucks but the Losi holds up must better with a much better response overall then my Vekta5. Just this pass weekend I rolled the Vekta at...
  8. crucialRC

    Crucial Kraken Vekta.5

    Came home today to a lovely site. I don't think I was able to concentrate on much at work today. ? Let me tell you this thing is MASSIVE and I love it!!!!
  9. B

    Reed case fitting in vekta.5

    What modifications did some of you guys do to fit the obr reed case to fit with the littlest mods needed?
  10. B

    Vekta.5 steering

    Does anybody have a cheaper solution for better steering on the vekta 5 with out double steering servo setup? Im running irp tire rod ends, turtle steering, and upgraded steering bell crank and it seems to lag big time. Everything is smooth no binding. Im really not trying to spend 350 to...
  11. B

    Vekta.5 engine

    I’m stuck between two engines the Red Arrow 34cc and the OBR 34cc Signature Series for a Kraken Vekta .5 which one is better recommended and why ? ... Thanks
  12. Peteolheadz100

    Vekta.5 wont start after 2 tanks of fuel???

    I took out my vekta 5 to run today and during braking airen 2 tanks of fuel and it ran perfect. When I went to start it back up on the third tank of gas it will not start not even a pop when the choke is on. I changed the spark plug, I checked the ignition coil took the engine out inspected...
  13. one2boost

    Vekta 5 common problems

    I'm looking for info on the Vekta.5, what are some common problems with it. Also, has Kraken addressed the problem with a design change in production of current kits. I've tried searching via google, and found these problems: Rear shocks pop off top mount - seen a few aftermarket solutions...
  14. Relic-1

    New vekta 5 buyer

    Well it's the beginning of the beginning , I'm purchasing the vekta 5 very soon , any thing I should purchase at the same time as to , what breaks first ? I'm getting the starter cover , what else wood be a great help , and appreciated ,completely new to this forum , really looking forward to...
  15. B

    Help with Vekta5

    Have had a vekta5 for about a month now and everything has been great.. The truck stalled out the other day, the pipe had melted the fuel line to the truck. I replaced the lines, cleaned the filter, and even installed a new plug. Went to drive it and she wont start !!?? the truck has spark, the...
  16. B

    Fuel mixture advice?

    Currently have a vekta 5 with a Zenoah G34 ported motor. Right now I'm running 28:1 Fuel mixture, I drove it this weekend and within five minutes the plug blew. plug looked pretty dark when I took it out, I wondering if I should be running a richer fuel mixture LIKE 25:1 or maybe the truck is...
  17. B

    Transmitter controls are backwards

    Just started to set up my Kraken .5.. every time I hit the gas on my controller it hits the brakes and when I hit the brakes it opens the gas? not sure how to change in my settings ... any recommendations ??
  18. R

    Testing some new Cameras at the Bash....

    The sun is out and we had a great weekend on the golf course with the London All Star Bashers. A Small gathering this weekend includes Bajas, Losi & Vekta - regular Sunday mornings in Enfield North London if anyone wants to join... All done on SJCam SJ5000 + Panasonic HC-V160 - £130 (needs a...
  19. Whoduh


    HIt the link for details.
  20. ChrisL

    The Kraken Vekta came yesterday.

    Everything but a few back ordered parts came yesterday. Now I just need to find the time to put everything together.
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