1. B

    Vekta.5 engine

    I’m stuck between two engines the Red Arrow 34cc and the OBR 34cc Signature Series for a Kraken Vekta .5 which one is better recommended and why ? ... Thanks
  2. Peteolheadz100

    Vekta.5 wont start after 2 tanks of fuel???

    I took out my vekta 5 to run today and during braking airen 2 tanks of fuel and it ran perfect. When I went to start it back up on the third tank of gas it will not start not even a pop when the choke is on. I changed the spark plug, I checked the ignition coil took the engine out inspected...
  3. O

    Vekta 5 common problems

    I'm looking for info on the Vekta.5, what are some common problems with it. Also, has Kraken addressed the problem with a design change in production of current kits. I've tried searching via google, and found these problems: Rear shocks pop off top mount - seen a few aftermarket solutions...
  4. Relic-1

    New vekta 5 buyer

    Well it's the beginning of the beginning , I'm purchasing the vekta 5 very soon , any thing I should purchase at the same time as to , what breaks first ? I'm getting the starter cover , what else wood be a great help , and appreciated ,completely new to this forum , really looking forward to...
  5. B

    Help with Vekta5

    Have had a vekta5 for about a month now and everything has been great.. The truck stalled out the other day, the pipe had melted the fuel line to the truck. I replaced the lines, cleaned the filter, and even installed a new plug. Went to drive it and she wont start !!?? the truck has spark, the...
  6. B

    Fuel mixture advice?

    Currently have a vekta 5 with a Zenoah G34 ported motor. Right now I'm running 28:1 Fuel mixture, I drove it this weekend and within five minutes the plug blew. plug looked pretty dark when I took it out, I wondering if I should be running a richer fuel mixture LIKE 25:1 or maybe the truck is...
  7. B

    Transmitter controls are backwards

    Just started to set up my Kraken .5.. every time I hit the gas on my controller it hits the brakes and when I hit the brakes it opens the gas? not sure how to change in my settings ... any recommendations ??
  8. R

    Testing some new Cameras at the Bash....

    The sun is out and we had a great weekend on the golf course with the London All Star Bashers. A Small gathering this weekend includes Bajas, Losi & Vekta - regular Sunday mornings in Enfield North London if anyone wants to join... All done on SJCam SJ5000 + Panasonic HC-V160 - £130 (needs a...
  9. Whoduh


    HIt the link for details.
  10. ChrisL

    The Kraken Vekta came yesterday.

    Everything but a few back ordered parts came yesterday. Now I just need to find the time to put everything together.
  11. K


    Should I buy a Losi DBXL or the Vekta 5 for racing??
  12. D

    kraken vekta.5

    Does anyone have any info regarding this vekta. 5 Buggy looks great can't wait for release date!!.:D
  13. D

    kraken vekta.5

    Anyone have any info on this buggy. Looks awesome 4x4 hpi is in trouble! !!.:cool:
  14. D

    kraken vekta.5

    Do anyone have any info on this buggy. Hpi might be in trouble! !!;)