1. William E Burrows Jr

    A Short Down & Dirty Video

    Kraken Vekta with Maxxis Tires and the Mega gear set.
  2. evssv

    my baja in the snow today.....

    my Baja..8s x maxx and 8s savage flux in the snow....
  3. WoodiE

    Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer out of the box!

    Nearly an hour long video, with lots of information about the new Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer.
  4. WoodiE

    Losi Super Baja Rey under the hood

    Good up close look of the Losi Super Baja Rey!
  5. J

    Dbxl-e video

    Short stock vid...
  6. T

    New video guys, Losi 5ive T Dialed in RC Raceway.

    1/5th Scale heaven thank you Dialed in RC Raceway, enjoy the clip.
  7. WoodiE

    Alx 100cc testing out new clutch

    Check out this crazy setup!

    Video...5ive clones dual it out

    Modded King Motor losi 5ive clones do battle. Blue fenders looses a front tire at the end. Watch the chunks fly!
  9. V

    My dbxl short video

    Short clip of my dbxl with a bartolone racing ported g320 and bartolone pipe, stock gearing but have a vertigo clutch bell and 22t pinion in the mail along with some trenchers and other goodies.

    X2's Kicking up some dirt VIDEO

    Me and a friend having some fun racing about with our King Motor X2's!
  11. FangsCPO

    FangsCPO Video: The Ashley Cup 4 - March 2016

    Here are a few videos from the Ashley Cup 4 held recently at Irvine Lake RC Park. Craig A. Narta (Cigar Smoker) and his crew did an outstanding job with the layout and keeping the track race ready throughout the day. A big shout-out to Dave "Downtown" Brown for doing a great job on the MIC. He...
  12. K

    CANADIAN NATIONALS!!! epic video from KPOP

    ENJOY! we had a blast!
  13. Revolauncher

    My new favorite 5ive T video

  14. kashif

    HPI Baja Startup Problem (Video Included) Please Help !!!

    Hi guys. I have a HPI Baja 5B. The problem that when I press the throttle the engine shuts down or move after a pause. I am new to Baja and don't understand much about tuning but thanks to forum members and videos I am getting it gradually. I tried to tune my car but its no use. I lean my L...
  15. Go fast

    Cool aerial video

    I just recently got a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter with autonomous waypoint flying , so I decided to try it out while getting some video of my KM Baja , this was my first time trying this let me know what you guys think....
  16. T

    some pretty cool videos

    here are some pretty cool videos we put together of our glamis trip in January i think they came out pretty good let me know what you guys think.
  17. P

    Carb Maintenance Video

    Found a useful video from Walbro:
  18. G

    A couple of YouTube videos of the new Losi 5IVE Mini 1/5 Scale Now waiting a review, before the credit comes out [emoji1]
  19. FangsCPO

    FangsCPO Video: HRCP Toys 4 Tots 2014

    5th Scale Racing action at Heritage RC Park (HRCP) during the Toys for Tots Race 2014. I had a great day in 4WD. I won the 1st heat, finished 2nd in 2nd heat and finished 1st overall in the A Main. 5th Scale Racing action at Heritage RC Park (HRCP) during the Toys 4 Tots Race 2014. Kyle...
  20. S

    new video from today

    tearin it up at jim creek Alaska let me know what you think!
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