1. FangsCPO

    FangsCPO Video: Team Chase (COORS) Championship Race

  2. voo2doo

    Video frequencies for FPV.

    Here is all we need to know .....(for now) Video frequencies for FPV As you look deeper into FPV flying you soon realise there are lots off different brands of equipment available and whats more lots of different frequencies open to buy. The equipment available is for use world wide. But...
  3. FangsCPO

    FangsCPO Video: Chase Compound Racing 6/28/14

  4. FangsCPO

    FangsCPO Video: LOSI 5ive T at the Chase Compound

    Here's a couple of videos to check out. Enjoy!!
  5. WoodiE

    Zenoah G320RC hands on video

    This Zenoah G320RC 31.8cc 4-Bolt Engine looks very impressive!
  6. twissted

    How make your own video while driving

  7. twissted

    Video: 2 speed by FID
  8. PSH72

    show us some Crazy videos

    Here are some :clap: And for does who think transformers don't exist here it is
  9. WoodiE

    Losi Desert Buggy XL video review

    Video review of the Losi DBXL from KillerRC!
  10. U

    This is My HPI Contest Entry Videos

    Submit your "This is My HPI" Contest videos here for viewing, judging and ridicule... Mine will never be beat. Like it?
  11. K

    NEW KPOPRC racing videos!

    hey guys. it's been a busy season of racing! the tracks are sick. and to think, i used to drive 10 hours to the east coast nationals...
  12. L

    PowerJam 2013 A - Main AJA Buggy 5ive Video

    My A Main run Sunday 4wd buggy race.
  13. K

    Racing video... Sick track

    enjoy! :w00t:
  14. Revolauncher

    Stock Losi 5ive T Pics. and Videos

    New to me Losi 5ive T Pics. (Video)[/B] [INDENT]I haven't done much to it, just setup my radio on it sans telemetry. Swapped the rear blue springs for red rears (much firmer) I packed all the differentials with marine grease and topped off with 50,000 weight diff. oil. I did have to secure...
  15. N

    Nutech 1/8 4WD EP baja buggy Video

    1/8 Buggy with video.
  16. Killer RC

    John Schultz rebuilds shocks (video)

    Watch John Schultz rebuild a HPI Baja shock and a Losi 5IVE shock
  17. M

    mcd w5 doughnuts video

  18. K

    ****BAJA NATIONALS kpopRC new video****

    hey duders! enjoy!
  19. AKbash

    Is this a good tune? *Video Included*

    So I was playing with the needles a bit after breaking her in and was just wondering if this sounds like a good tune... Still a newbie at this gas game so a little bit of help/advice is needed here and there :o and since people have been helping me here in this forum I though you guys would be...
  20. OuttaLuck

    Best of our crash videos in Large Scale R/C cars, bikes, F1 and trucks over the years
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