1. L

    WT-603b vs WT-688

    I am going to buy a new carb for my FG-monster with a G260RC1 that currently has a WT-603b carburator. I have two choices right now, a WT-603b or a WT-688 that I can get both cheaper and faster. Will there be any substantial negative effects of switching to the WT-688? And will it even fit on...
  2. J


    Hello guys, I am new in this large scale and I just want to know about the differences between WT668 and WT997. walbro carburetors. which one is better? somebody could help me please?
  3. crankestein

    Walbro Carburetor 101 schematics (with photos)

    The following link shows how the carburetor does its magic, w pictures. http://outdoorpowerinfo.com/repairs/walbro_wt340_carb.asp
  4. Z

    Sold / Found walbro bearing mod

    i am offering a service to do bearing mods on walbro carbs. you send me ur carb with return shipping. cost will be 25$ plus paypal fees pm me to set it up
  5. D

    Walbro carbs

    What is the difference between the stock 668 carb and the 997 carb. Thanks
  6. jaygreig

    Walbro 668 rebuild question

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has a trick they use to get that little brass cup that seats above the small screen back in without mangling it. I remember the last rebuild I did it took me quite a while to get it seated properly and ended up with a nice divot in the bottom center thanks...
  7. Revolauncher

    Sold / Found 26cc top end complete (light use) walbro 668 carb. & filter

    2 bolt 34mm 26cc top end from a Losi 5ive T. Has 2 gallons of fuel through it and compression is like new, no damage whatsoever. Includes head, piston, pin, clips and bearing, ready to bolt up. Compatible with 23/26cc fuelie, CY, and Zenoah engines...
  8. F

    walbro 668 vs 990

    iv added a few new threads on here latey, just been in a pinch, got a new KM T1000 30.5cc truck, 2 tanks in and the motor went.. so for absolute cheapness i was just gonna order a new head kit for it from king motor, but at the same time i was thinking about jsut getting a whole new motor...
  9. C

    Sold / Found New Walbro Carbs 813 / 990

    Just have to many selling new walbro carbs, shipped to the U.S. only paypal for online, cash or square for local pickup 1- wt813 $40 shipped 3- wt990 $50 shipped p/m or email for inquires [email protected]
  10. OuttaLuck

    How should I adjust the jets on a Walbro Carburetor

    How should I adjust the jets on a Walbro Carburetor (WA-167 / WT-603 / WT-668 / WT-257 / WT-813, etc)? These carburetors require regular adjustment to ensure peak performance, and also to avoid an unsafe lean condition, which can prematurely damage your engine. If you find your top-end RPM's...
  11. tizdaz

    Sold / Found FG Parts & Walbro Carbs

    Hi guys 1st up is an FG Fuel Tank, Good condition & comes complete: (SOLD pending Payment) Next is Alloy Rear Hubs that come complete with bearings & arms, will fit Monster/Marder & maybe others: SOLD FG Shocks with upgraded heavy springs & in good condition, these are the long shocks that...
  12. eddie2166

    Walbro air filter

    Does anyone know where to buy the part that clips onto the walbro air filter. (black box filter)
  13. tizdaz

    walbro 813 gaskets?

    hi guys, ive bought a new 813 carb but i need new gaskets & insulator block to fix it to my engine head & the rear gasket that attatches it to my air filter, anyone know where i can get them please :) ? my old carb is the 608 & the gaskets look a different size to the 813 so i need to make...
  14. F


    what is the difference between the walbro 813 and the 668 carbs?
  15. M

    Carb Question Walbro 813

    I bought a stock walbro 813, what do I need to do to make it fit a KM001. My problem is when I went to put it on there was no set screw hole on the end of the brass rod where the linkage attaches. Could it be possible to remove the rod assembly from the old carb, the chinese one with no name.
  16. C

    walbro carb kits in the uk

    i need a walbro carb kit for my car,kit no. k22-hda. its an old carb.ordered one from the states but it is taking forever,he quoted 4 weeks,been 2 already and now fed up of waiting.any ideas were i can get one?.cheers
  17. simonjay

    How to identify what walbro carb you have

    I'm in need to find out what Walbro carb I have is there anyway I.E numbers i need to look for to identify the Walbro carburetor I have? Thanks :)
  18. D

    Walbro WT-990 carb

    Has anyone tried Walbro WT-990 carb on KM Baja 26cc engine? Will I get more power from it? Thanks
  19. J

    Walbro 668 on a Rovan 26 ?

    will it fit, and will a ADA intake work with this set up? I just got rid of a good running HPI 5B and bought a new Rovan 5T to build and the carb sucks, gotta a bad low end bog. Thanks Joe
  20. 46u

    Sold / Found New Walbro WT-813 carburetor

    Never seen a drop of gas in it or even been mounted but I did take it out of the bag one time to look at it. Asking $40 including shipping to the lower 48 will consider reusable offers please do not insult me. I will ship this wrapped in bubble wrap and in a padded mailer with delivery...
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