1. voo2doo

    RS four spoke anyone???

    Do anyone of you gents know where I can get a set of Ford RS four spoke wheels machined for 1/4 scale? Thanks J
  2. D

    Trenchers on stock dbxl wheel

    Does anyone know if the proline front Trenchers 1154-00 fit all around on a stock Losi DBXL wheel? I want to use them to replace the the stock tires but use the stock foam and wheel. I’ve seen some say yes it’s just hard to fit and some say you can’t. So any hands on experience is appreciated.
  3. Elie.sader83

    Baja 5b wheels

    Hello guys, is it a good idea to install same size rear and front tires on a baja 5b 32cc 19/55 pinion/spur metal ? And how to avoid wheels from balooning ? Is there any benifits with alloy rims ? Thank you.
  4. N

    Your Ideas on a Wider Rim for the DBXL

    Hello my fellow 5th scalers. I have been doing alot of looking for a wider rim for the DBXL. I finally ended up buying rear HPI Baja 5b wheels for all 4 corners. When the vehicle is static and turn left or right the wheels don't touch the turnbuckles. After a couple of days of running i noticed...
  5. vikingz

    Sold / Found WTB IQP GT500 Mustang Clear Body GT40 wheels

    WTB a 1/5 iqp racing mustang gt500 clear body. Does anyone have one they are willing to sell or know a store, guy, club,that has them. I live in the USA large scale on road isn't very popular let alone finding a body OOP , almost every time I come across one its in Europe which is fine but...
  6. J

    Alternate Wheels/Tires for Losi MTXL

    I'm looking for an alternative wheel/tire package for my Losi MTXL. The stock set look great and are huge, but it is clear they are just a wee bit too big for the truck and the wobble is robbing it of some power. I'd like to try something a little smaller, perhaps a set that's intended for the...
  7. Guildsumner

    Wheels locked up HSP Bajer (brand-new) issue.

    I bought a brand new HSP Bajer and out of the box I noticed after I had put on the wheels that it was not rolling forward when I pushed it in neutral. It's a back wheel drive only buggy so is it normal for the wheels to be spinning in opposite directions? Thanks for the assistance. :)
  8. Bryan K.

    Proline rear 5B Desperado's fit all around? Tire foam options?

    I see this question asked several times, but nobody seems to be able to answer it. Yes, you can run 5B fronts all around the DBXL, but what about running the 5B rear's on all four corners of the DBXL? Are there any issues? I built a brushless DBXL from scratch. It's not quite done yet. I have...
  9. J

    Does anyone know what these wheels are called ?

    Hey, I was looking for some new wheels for my DbXL and came across this image of these wheels and tyres. I think they look awesome! Does anyone know their make and where I might be able to get some from ? I pinged an email to rcdriver but I didn't get any reply. Thanks John
  10. Rabidfox50

    Can you dye DBXL beadlock rings?

    Title says it all. Can the beadlock rings on the factory DBXL wheels be dyed black? I'm not in love with red beadlocks.
  11. Rabidfox50

    Proline Desperado 1/5 wheels & Trencher tires, will they fit?

    I'm looking at the Desperado front wheels for my DBXL and mounting Trencher tires on them. Will these work? I know the split sixes will but I like the look of the Desperado wheels better. If so, what inserts would work well?
  12. evssv

    killer wheels.......

    ever since I seen these...about 10-15 years ago.......I always said I`d have a set one day....well that day is today...
  13. myrcbud

    Can used wheels be reused?

    After all my years of rc large scale I'm ashamed to say I've never put new tires on old wheels. So, can new tires and foams be installed on old wheels? I always figured after removing old Beadlock screws that reinserting them there would be strength loss. Please let me know. Thank you
  14. S

    Can you fit HPI Baja wheels on to the DBXL?

    Can you fit HPI Baja wheels on to the DBXL. Thanks for looking
  15. S

    Silverback Beadlocks

    Hi there, I have purchased a set of silverback beadlocks inner and outer. The outers are fine but the inners seem slightly too small to fit my wheels. Are the beadlocks wrong or are the wheels wrong.
  16. madmanandrewk

    Exploding DBXL Front Tires

    Was running yesterday and the LF shredded and threw half of itself 50ft into the air. I read up on ballooning issues and so I tore both fronts apart, gorilla taped the foams, and mounted them back up with a new LF. 20 minutes into running today and my RF shreds! What's the deal?!? Are the stock...
  17. Mr.Wolfeman

    Losi dbxl wheel upgrade....

    Will these Hpi baja 5b rear wheels fit the Losi dbxl all around? Thanks in advance my friends...
  18. M

    MT wheels on XT ?

    Hi I want to put an MT wheel on my Rampage XT any Ideas:
  19. F

    Alloy Wheels for 5ive T

    I have been reading quite a bit for some Alloy wheels for my 5ive T. There aren't alot of options. There are tons of alloy wheels for the HPI 5B, 5SC, etc. Can someone explain to me the difference between wheel adapters and wheel extenders? Also, has anyone installed some HPI alloy wheels...
  20. twissted

    One of a kind wheels and tires

    Specifications: Advanced X3 Soft & Sticky Compound Outer Diameter: 8.46in / 215mm Width: 3.12in / 79.4mm Inner Diameter: 3.8in / 96.52mm Wheels are 1/5 beadlocks with a 23mm Hex (not 24mm)
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