1. L

    G260rc Air leaks.

    Yesterday I was driving my Fg monster with a g260rc just for fun. I was driving down the field at near max rpm when the engine started sounding a bit off. It would idle at really high rpm and bogg down when throttle was applied. What I can get out of it is an air leak. The carb, fuel lines and...
  2. L

    WT-603b vs WT-688

    I am going to buy a new carb for my FG-monster with a G260RC1 that currently has a WT-603b carburator. I have two choices right now, a WT-603b or a WT-688 that I can get both cheaper and faster. Will there be any substantial negative effects of switching to the WT-688? And will it even fit on...
  3. R

    CY motor identification help!

    Hey guys new to the page. Hoping to get some help. I recently bought a used losi dbxl, guy didnt know much about it. It has a CY chrome motor casing and VIN CY203505. With a zenoah top end kit. I wanna know what the vin is meaning. 23cc,26cc, or bigger ? Any help would be great !
  4. L

    On the hunt for a rare 15cc Zenoah

    Anyone know where I can find the very rare 15cc Zenoah in the r/c car format ? even a service long block I would buy.
  5. bigdipperfred

    Zenoah 32 vs cy 29

    I know the zenoah is a good engine . My 29 cy is a screamer but when it comes down to making are they close ? Why ask is I want more power for mtxl.should I put engine on 5t and use the 32 zenoah on mtxl or think I wouldn't see much difference between the two engines
  6. W

    Zenoah G2D Engine Bogging Down (HELP!)

    Hey guys, i have a problem. I have a large scale FG BMW E30 with an Zenoah G2D engine. (My father built it, but he passed away when i wasn't even born, so that is the reason i really want it to work) But it bogs down, have tried to tune the carburateur but doesn't help. It starts fine and after...
  7. pyroM!ke247

    Hpi 5b Zenoah g290rc goodies

    Always nice to get to the post office to pick up goodies.Time to take the old cy 26 out. It's been a good engine bit it's time for the Zen g290. Gonna keep it stock. I have other goodies coming. Time for an overhaul lol. Gonna change several things on my rig in the next week. Doing a complete...
  8. X

    Zenoah G290 will not bolt up to side engine mount

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem with mounting a brand new Zenoah G290 motor to my Rovan baja. The motor is sitting higher then the stock Rovan 30.5cc motor did and the bolt that goes into the bottom of the chassis into the clutch housing is going into a different engine mount hole. I have...
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