1/4 scale snowmobile


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I remember on the other forum about a year ago, there was a company making a 2 stoke 1/4 scale snowmobile. Has anyone seen any new info on it?
i don't recall the name of them, seen it on the bay too.

but don't fret, theres a guy in Canada that has done some STELLER work making a few variable of RC Sleds. The word is he has contracted a company that currently purduces top of the line pan racers to produce some or all of them.
check his work here


Some Very Crafty work, he does have one model, a Bombadier ofcourse, like all of his models, useing a 16cc hommie motor. i say keep the motor and lets talk TS ESP Reed Case motor! or a Boss 23cc reed case motor!
Nice find Timmahh...that little nitro sled looks very sweet. I'd still like to see a a baja size sled with gasser engine. A gas engine would be a lot less of a pain in the winter.
One of the MX is fit with a Homolity 2 cycle 16cc motor.
don't mistake teh size Tulz. the gasser is about 25 inches long its not no small toy!
check these stats out my friends

1993 Ski-Doo MXZ “GAS” Powered – 1/3 Scale RCS.

Engine – 16cc Homelite
Pipe – Krupp designed “untuned” expansion chamber
Clutch – Stock Homelite steel shoe, XL toothed belt.
Brakes – “Sans” brakes
Chassis – Aluminum Sheet with 1/8” plate bulkhead
Overall Length – 36”
Overall Width – 16”
Overall Height – 14”
Overall Weight – 12 lbs
Ski c-c Stance – 14”
Track Width – 5” studded
Track Length – 40”
Front Suspension –
Thin Wall Steel Tube – “Cat” [oops] designed “A” Arm.
Travel – 2 ¼”
Front Shocks – Coil Over, Oil Filled, Adjustable Dampening & Spring Preload
Rear Suspension –
SC-3 coupled design
Travel – 3”
Rear Shocks – Adjustable Oil Filled, Preload & Dampening
Body – Vac formed – Seat, Hood, Belly-Pan & Windshield
Radio System – KO, Wheel Radio, ¼ scale steering servo, throttle servo

Design Assets:
This model was also created to provide the viability of the “GAS” Ignition RCS concept in any winter weather condition.

The durability and performance have shown this goal has been attained with this 1/3rd scale RCS design.

The “GAS” engine gives excellent torque and reliability, easy to maintain and start, also cheaper to run than the “Nitro” version.

1/3rd scale sleds can handle bumps, jumps, hills and slopes. The wide stance lets this machine perform much like full size snowmobiles. The scale design of components replicates the intended purpose of each item.
A Medium Speed RCS Model.

now pull the light duty homie, toss in the MADNESS of your Desire. and HANG THE HELL ON!
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I need one of them, who cares that winter is almost over. I WANT IT to add to my collection and of course to see what it can do.
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