1/5,1/4 Racing 4X4 ST????

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I am seriously debating on parting with my Baja and my Firehammer to get one, I know MCD, Horrmann?(SP) FG? Makes them. My question to all of you that own 4X4's which brand is the brand to get? I know most of the good stuff is in Europe but anyone stateside stocks them?
I would like to get one in 1/4 scale, but not even sure if anyone makes them that big. I am looking for a racing type ST and not an MT. Any advice or helpful links would be great. I'm not dis'n Europe but trying to keep my costs down, I purchased a Yankee 1/4 from Austria but the shipping was half of what I paid for the car so the seller refunded my monies....outrageous!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if you whant new or used.
Im sure that you allready know this site:

I think he can help you out, im from denmark and he was a great help to me.
He has the 3 big brands, FG, MCD and HPI, onlt MCD is 4x4
go 4x4

hi there,
I have been facing the same decision.
After doing lots of research the mcd is the best for the money and you can get the parts which is the key to the whole formula.
go for the baja 1000 or the race runner.they perform and are tough.
get a good motor and some gears to play with ratios. pipe is a good idea too.
I like fg too but no 4wd which is a major problem after you drive a 4wd car.
there is no contest between 2wd and 4wd .
You can put the worst driver on the 4wd machine and he will outrun the 2wd car with it . there is no contest .
good luck.
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