30.5 baja vid..

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heres some vid i took last weekend, it was just a quick run at a soccer field near my house... im surprised the cops didnt show up, i made a lot of noise!
esp modded 30.5 fully ported, with a rear dom.:ph34r:

its pretty nasty! its spinning the whole time, it never get up to speed.:no: it sounds low geared, but thats the stock gearing, i plan to add more gear soon... maybe it'll put the power down a bit better.:blush:

That buggy really takes off with that set up and your right gearing up is needed to stop spinning all over the place.:cool2: Looks like you may pull some wheelies if you had road tires on it?
thanks guys! so ive added some goodies since that vid, and i just rebuilt the motor, new ring. ive gone to a 18t pinion and its much better!

i just fired it up in my back yard to see how it ran after the rebuild.. its nasty!:cool2:

DANG!!! that is almost overkill!!! haha.. too much power (if that is even possible, which i do not thing is) haha... that is a crazy baja!!
well keep it running!!
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