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So, the Rovan wheels I have were terrible grip wise. Not on grass, not on asphalt. So after some fair success 3D printing flexible TPU I thought I would have a go at tires. I printed the track for my Skeeride snowmobile and the bumpers for my truck. I may have overdone it a bit, as far as getting a little beefy, because these have very little give. I based my tread on something that works.

Printing took 3 days. I soaked them in hot water and they went on easy, but they are pretty much size on size. I could just get them to spin on the rim, so I added a little super glue and they seemed good. Threw them on, charged a battery and gave them a go. I am really pleased. They have great grip on grass, 0 on pavement, and they didn't shred in the 15 minutes I had it out. They tore up the grass good, just like the wheels I had on before.

I had to order more material for front tires and I'm already thinking about making these into complete wheels, just not sure the hex will stand up, maybe add a flange to bolt onto rim without a plastic rim.




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