Sold / Found 4WD Conversion kits for FG= chain Drive $525

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These were just released and will fit the FG off-roads exept for the leopard and baja(i think). The front end comes completely assembled all you need to do it mount it to the chassis and install the shocks and wheel squares.

$525 shipped anywhere in the US.
$550 to Canada
for rest of the world pm me with your mailing address.

I will accept paypal (add 1.5%) or money orders.

Picture posted is of the Monster truck conversion kit.


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The old belt drive version had lots of nice aluminum, the new one is all plastic, I wonder if you can upgrade the plastic parts what the kit would be worth.

Good price for what it is.
BTB - You're right it is a Kamitiro and now that I look closer into the second picture I can see where it says "Kamitiro Models".

The kit pictured is a chain driven kit and you can see the sprocket in the second picture as well. I too would think the chain would hold up better then a belt.

I'm curious what is needed as well though he does say just take the front end off and replace with the kits. Are there any modifications needed for this kit? Does the chain come included? Are aluminum upgrades offered from the manufacture or other third party?

I've love to have a 4WD FG Monster Truck!

You do not need any additional fg parts. It comes with everything you need to convert your current fg vehicle. As for the front end, you just need to add your front shocks and your front wheel squares. The rest of the front end comes assembled. the pictures you see above is exactly how it comes in the box.
I am not sure, I don't have an elcon drive train to mount it to. From the pictures it looks like it may work as you only have one screw going into the clutch housing and that is the upper left one. You may need to shorten the spacer between the engine block and the drive train.
Clubin, I will try and find out. They are selling quick, it may have to wait until my next order comes in before I can actually open another box. The only issue is if the shock tower has a mount for the cable. I will try and look later today.
there is a space on the uprights to mount the front brakes, you will have to work in somewhere to run the cables underneath to the servo.

We have 2 monster kits left and 1 marder kit. We have an order for more as soon as they are ready from the manufacturer.
i have two monster versions and 1 buggy(monster beetle) version left until the next order comes in.
Will now be $515 anwhere to the lower 48 states.
Does Kamitiro make aluminum uprights for this kit or will FG factory aluminum uprights work on this kit?

THere are no upgrade parts to aluminum for these kits yet. They were just released a few weeks ago. The fg ones will not work on this kit, they are too small.
Only kit left in stock right now is for the buggy/monster beetle. I have more on order.
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