4x4 FG MB

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I am interested in converting my MB to 4x4 what things I should look for.
A couple things I found chain drive-belt drive benefits of each, can any one help me out with this?

If you have done the conversion, let me know what you think.
i know the MTs can be converted, and i think the STs can, but not sure on the MBs unless it is the PRO version as its built around the MT chassis. the stnd MB is built off a marder chassis, and im unsure if it can be converted to a 4x4.
I have the 4wd conversion kits on their way here from Kamitiro. PM me for more details. The marder version will fit the monster beetle.
pm for pricing on the kits, should be here tomorrow. They cannot do reverse. There is not a gas large scale out there that I have seen thatn can do reverse, except for brice arnolds contraption on the hpi baja.
I have the old kit that I installed on a marder race. Most of the part for the front bulkheads were aluminum. Will take pictures of the new kits as soon as they get here.
it is your typical 4 wheel drive system. the 4wd starts from the gear carrier off the engine and has a chain going to a diff in the front bulkheads. Not sure if I will get one installed on this order, ordered six and two are gone already.
My goodness what the heck does the 2 speed do with 4x4!:cool2: How long have you used the 4x is the chain a problem at all? Most of what I read is people saying that shafts would be way better then chain cause of wear and slack.
pics of the 4wd kit

Here is 1 hour into the build(chassis already disassembled). pretty much done all I need to do is put the gas tank back in and install radio gear.


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