5,000mah and 10,000mah NiMH 5 cell battery packs

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I've noticed over on OnlyBatteryPacks.com has a 5,000mah and 10,000mah MiMH battery packs for sell at 32 and $52. Have any of you guys used either of these or similar battery packs?

I'm currently running a 3200mah in my FG Monster Truck but have been looking at the 4,200's for a bit until I seen these two.

Nice research BTB, but what are SC packs? I don't seem them listed on the site.

SC is the name of the company that matches the cells.
They are a trusted source for matching.

IMO, you don't need to pay the extra for a matched pack for what your doing. If you want the comfort of having a matched set just go with a set of "Sport" cells. They are the lowest rated sets of matched cells.
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