5bss handeling upgrades


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I recently found out there is a large scale rc track a few hours from me, I have an hpi baja 5b ss with a zenoah 29.5, are there any must have handling upgrades anybody reccomends, I'm looking at a servo and lipo receiver pack upgrades right now


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i say run it as it is to start with mate, go to the track and see what other people are running for upgrades,
run yours then see what breaks etc, then go from there,
if your baja still has the plastic gearbox case then thats a good place to start by upgrading to an alloy one,
heavier diff fluid will help if it has the thin hpi stuff in it as well,
plus shock oils, just basic stuff to change to try and find whats suitable for your own driving style (y),
oh, and if it still has the dirtbuster tyres, then those will not last long or be very good,


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With these 2wd rigs you gotta dumb them down. Meaning lots of guys run can mufflers and small motors cause any extra power makes them more uncontrollable. The biggest thing you can do for handling is change out the shocks to Losi or IRC shocks. In 2wd races I think it's more about not spinning out and loosing control than it is speed. For the motor you have I'd run 19/55 gearing, you'll get less wheel slippage.

That's just the performance side of things. The Baja platform needs a bunch of upgrades so you can actually make it through a full race.

-Turtle racing servo saver HD version
-Clip-less extended wheel hubs (1/2")
- HD top plate for the front Turtle racing
- RCR brakes
-Upgraded dogbones with boots

There's probably more....


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When we HAD a local track, the guys that consistently won, ran stock Baja's. Number 1 upgrade is tires. See what others are running is a good place to start. You want the best grip/traction for the track conditions and materials. What works on 1 track, won't work on a different track. Also good to have a selection/option, in case conditions change. We went from wet dewy grass in the morning to dry afternoons and downright dust evenings. Man I miss the Barnyard.


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Can muffler
turtle racing one piece brake
Kraken clipless layshaft
Darksoul hub extenders
Sway bars
Alloy clutch carrier
Mod clutch
Turtle racing servo saver
Spektrum s9110 steering servo
Mcd racing micro stud wheels
Mcd rr5 shocks

Fastest rig on the track👍
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