5ifth Scale Racing this Sunday at RC Acres in Hamilton, ON


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This Sunday brings "Points Race #5" of the Ontario Fifth Scale Off Road Championship...


If you've been out this year for the series, we look forward to re-visiting. If you haven't... join us anyway, we have individual race awards, just treat it as a trophy race.

Race #5 of the Ontario Fifth Scale Off Road Championship is August 9, 2015 at RC Acres.

Tentative RaceDay Schedule:

  • [li][size=78%]8am Registration Opens[/size][/li]
    [li][/size][size=78%]9:50am Driver Meeting[/size][/li]
    [li][/size][size=78%]Seeding Practice[/size][/li]
    [li][/size][size=78%]Mains [/size][/li]
    [li][/size][size=78%]Awards / Completed RaceDay[/size][/li]
*** schedule may change based on entry #'s ***

Simply visit: http://jscully.tk/aug9 to pre-register for the August 2nd Race (using Google Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11j1ma_NLlZeQDH8NThDzn0T0Cv7R-NlpkrHahUsf6h4/viewform?usp=send_form)
Email Name/Class(es)/Transponder(if handy): [email protected]
Text/Call with Name/Class(es)/Transponder(if handy): 416.931.2502
Facebook message Name/Class(es)/Transponder(if handy): Joe Scully // http://facebook.com/ProRodeoMC

Our primary goal is the racers' experience, and we feel that
a) providing as much track time as possible
b) scheduling to have our podiums prior to 5:30p is an optimum finish.
c) having podium awards for all mains as reward
allows for us to provide a great experience
Pre-registration allows us to calculate our day in advance and organize an optimum schedule in advance, and ensure that we have the appropriate awards ordered. In addition, it reduces pre-race administration for the Race Director, thus affording an on-time start.
We provide numerous means to pre-register. Please help us to help you.
While we won't refuse a race fee on the day (show-up, go-up), it is in everyone's interest to have our field of racers pre-registered.
Thank you.