80's Rao.


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Here is the first rap that I heard some of my friends listening to ,it hit hard on one of my friends car system
back in 82 to 84!....LOL
He use to take his 71 Datsun to the stereo sound off contest ,back then he was pushing 1300 watts with
several amps ,pre-amps with custom cross overs ,you can here him coming a few miles away ,all you heard
was boom-psssss ,boom ,pssss ,boom boom psssssss.

The 80 watt mm tweeters hit just as hard as the base ,he had those along with 15'' dual voice coil Cerwin Vegas ,
12'' Piles .mids were 8'' liquid cool Yamahas with 6'' Piles ,tweets & mids were in the door ,subs were mounted
in the rear deck ,that year Datstun had a huge rear deck ,he was running a Bluapunkt stereo ,with EQ. ,he also
had to run two car batteries.
In my opinion ,his system smokes todays in sound ,you can hear every note & instruments that is in the
music ,todays crap ,you only hear blop blop beat!

Here is the rap that he would play!

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