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:clap: Congratulations to you and your wife!!!

Now comes the real work. Guess we will be seeing your posting alot more from 12-3:00 a.m for a while. wink wink :clown:
you guys are too funny.
I'm just glad to be home, it was a very long weekend in the hospital.

Yes she was a little bit on the BIG side, considering my wife was only 99lbs before and 140 when delivered. It was a very involved delivery to say the least.

Thanks again guys we appreciate everything
Thanks buddy, I appreciate it. 10 years, any luck?
You got that right "the trying is fun" :) .
Sleep who needs sleep, I'll get enough of that when I'm dead, lol. Actually, she is a very good sleeper, she has been sleeping through the night since she was about 2 months. As long as her naps are scheduled, she sleeps through the night, if not she gets up and wants to play, lol. You know whats cool, she doesn't go to the bathroom at all during the night. She goes when she wakes up in the morning. Its like she is potty trained already.
She really is a great baby, she laughs all the time and smiles just as much.
I look forward to coming home every day, its great to see her smiling when I walk in the door.

Congratulations. I only have 2 boys, so I don't know what its like to have girls.....

its all good until they get to TWEEN state. then they are more like the full grown versions. cant tell them Nothing, and they wouldnt listen even if they heard you. lmao
Thanks a bunch guys, I really appreciate it.

we were trying for a boy, well I was, lol. I am very happy with her, she is such a good baby.
Thank you very much, we were debating whether or not to enter her in a Gerber Baby contest. She really is such a beautiful :)
I know exactly what youre talking about bro. Our 12 year old is always like, huh I didnt hear you or I forgot. Selective hearing, they hear what they want and thats that, no way around it. You hit the nail right on the head "they are more like the full grown versions".

Later fellas
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