A question about gearing and dif risers

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Surrey, BC, Canada
Hey guys
I just installed a set of fg dif risers in my marder. normally the gear from the layshaft is an 18 tooth gear, but to get the setup to fit, I had to use a 15 tooth gear which I got from my semi's layshaft.

to use the 15 tooth on the layshaft to dif, would I have to compensate by going larger on the clutchbell pinion gear? I ask as I have looked and so far haven't seen a 21/45 combo. 22/44 yes...

also I am going to be breaking in a 29cc with jp2 pipe. I was going to make a set of dif risers for the semi and I have a 16 tooth gear coming, which should fit, but was considering either removing the dif riser, or going 22/44 pinion/spur

any feedback before I order?
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