AC Cobra Body on Marder chassis

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Has anyone seen this body from Hobbythek ( that supposedly fits on the Marder Chassis? I am trying to find more info before making a purchase as it is quite costly. Does anyone have pics of it mounted on know anyone who does. The picture on the website looks like the old 1/10 Cobra body offered by Parma or Bolink in the 80s mounted on a Kyosho chassis. The link is as follows:,.htm
hmm, does it come with wheels also

try send them a mail, they have 2 or 3 persons just to reply mails. they are very fast.

i cant help you with pictures, but i can say that they are the biggest webshop i europe and their service i the best
I have talked to them, yet they can not offer any pictures of it mounted on a Marder chassis. I would like to see pictures of a mounted Body, on a Marder Chassis, not the small picture they have on their site. I am looking to find anyone who has knowledge of this body, so I can decide to purchase or not to purchase, being that the Euro is very high vs. the US Dollar.

Thank you for your help.
There was one some guy had for sale out on RCU back in March sometime. I just did a search and couldn't find it. I was thinking about buying it at the time. It looked really nice.
Since I last posted, I have still heard nothing back about the Cobra Body. I also asked about sending pics of it either on or next to a Marder chassis. Nada.
From the pic it's not the greatest for the $$$. When you mount a large body like that you need more than just 4 mounting points. At least 8 would do. I bought a Mud Marder body from them before and didn't reall y like the side pods when it came in, plus I paid a fortune since it was so big. I'd use the money form some mods or wheels first.

Just my $0.02
I too got the mud marder and the side guards were bad vac forming for sure. I ended up both gluing and using pop rivets to get them to stay and had to clamp and glue the ends because of the bad fit.

I have seen the cobra though and I think it's pretty cool. the package includes the tires and mounts. I personally like the carson toureg setup with the new rollbar to mount it up. I was going to buy a cobra for my second marder when I had them but got an fg semi instead.
do you notice, the pic of the cobra body on the marder has different wheels from the wheel picture.

i too am interested in this shell...but i would like other pics of make up my mind!
Nice I tried to google but found nothing. It would be nice to know who owns this car. From the looks, I do not see the Roll bar of the Marder inside.

Thanks for finding a pic.
That body would look cool with a custom bent rollcage under it to strengthen up the Marder and give it a realistic cobra look. Then get the guy in New Jersey I know to make a set of Halibrand style wheels cnc for that thing. It only takes $$$$$$ LOL
Here is my AC Cobra

Its build on a FG sportsline short, 465 m.m.



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