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Chandler, AZ
OK, here is the cheapo air filter from the Chinese RC-2 Scorpion. Is there any replacements air filters that can bolt on like this? I see DDM has a few low hieght versions, liek the UNIs, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?


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I would think the uni is your best bet.
How's that scorpion coming along, my nephew is looking for a starter for his boy, he's interested in that thing.
The Scorpion is dead for a week at least. I just installed the old Baja FM radio. I did order the UNI from DDM, I hope it fits.
i think it should BUT you may need the A210??? velocity stack too i was looking at throwing a uni on the Baja and Berg, but ended up staying with a stock Baja pre-filters, RedNecks and Outwears on them both. though i will need to do the shorty mod to the stock prefilter housing on the Berg so it fits under the lid better without cutting it.
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