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Conroe, Texas
I posted this in a TRAXXAS Monster Buggy thread, but I think it applies to any large scale, so...

I just installed the ADA Billet Air Filter on my TRAXXAS Monster Buggy:

Cleaning the filter is not going to be as simple as unscrewing the face plate and removing the three filters, so I am wondering how often I should take it apart to clean the whole thing. It has a metal plate with tiny holes, a fine green filter and a thicker red sponge filter, plus I am also using an Outerwears Airfilter Pre-Filter:

If I did not have to remove the tank and part of the roll cage just to get the filter plate off, I would not worry about it, but I do. Should I remove everything and clean it after every run, clean it every gallon or so, or will the condition of the prefilter be a good enough indication of the interior filters? None of the parts of the filter are designed to use filter oil, so this is kind of new to me. Any opinions?



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if your wrappign it in an outwears and its doing its job, not to often. i can put a gallon thru in most cases, and when i pull the outwears its as fresh and clean as a daisey on a dewey
Ha! :clown:

That's what I was hoping to hear! I may put some air filter oil on one of the sponge filters, but I had hoped that the outwears prefilter would work well.

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