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Northants UK
Just got one of these

the inside is hollow and was wondering if it would benifit from an oily sponge inside it, I will have an outerwear cover.

just belt and braces i guess.

what do you all think ?
Take that filter and throw it in the bin... total HOS.
If you put a sponge inside, the carb will try and suck it in.

Honestly; if you use that filter you should buy piston rings and crank case bearings cause you will need to replace them often.

That filter is used for onroad cars with clean runing surfaces.
Don't feel too bad gunner, I fell for the k&n thing too, go the exact same filter as you - she looks good - then I found out all about them and have only used it on the road outside my house a couple of times. Don't drive offroad with it.
oh cr@p :(

just wanted to improve the breathing and look now have wasted money. oh well what should I have brought then guy's for off road running

links please :)
CLEAN Onroad running is the only way id use the K&N. for the same reasons mentioned above. to much crap gets thru.
I use a unifilter (oiled) on all of my cars, and then put the HPI centre foam inside (also oiled) - fits snugly in there for added protection and wrap it all up with an outerwear pre filter.
The unifilters are easy to remove, you just have to be sure to get a good seal to the velocity stack, there are differences in the O.D. of the velocity stacks, I have one slightly larger than the others - not sure where they came from now but the larger one is a better fit... I've spent WAY too much on this hobby so far to remember all my purchases :no:
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