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What are u guys running for an airfilter set up? I have to get one, the CY i installed came with the mower filter POS
That worked good for you then? I'm stuck on that one, or just buying a good FG one like on my MT.
A well oiled TGN Redneck wont let anything in, I have been using the redneck for a couple of years now and has never let me down. Also the outerwears pre-filter bag fits nicely over the top if required.

Or you could try an RN tuning air filter set, These are known as one of the best air filters by many racers, Although they are expensive at £57.00
I switched back to a Unifilter with a Redneck..the outerwears prefilter riped to pieces on a rollover. I think for the money nothing beats a Redneck.
MCD do a quick realease cone filter for the race runner model number
178-1-KS-1 I think also FSD&D small filter with the rain box is fantastic if you are running on sand, mud , wet/ snow.
If you want pictures let me know I can send you them I have used all and all are very good
Here you go mate let me know if you want more detailed pics the outerwear or a FSD&D covers go over these with ease.

Thanks for the pics, that look like a good set up. Can't find it in the states though, but i'll keep lookin...
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