Airbrush jobs show them off.


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waterford michigan
airbrush jobs

heres a few of my good ones bmw 1/5scale painted by zielke racing .1/4 scale predator painted by mike thompson jr. the 1/4 scale truck 1/5 scale stadium truck and 1/10 scale losi ad2 and 1/4 scale grand national all these with 525 0n them darkside desighns chris norlock all in michigan.


  • pics 023.jpg
    pics 023.jpg
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  • pics 024.jpg
    pics 024.jpg
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  • predator sprint07 014.jpg
    predator sprint07 014.jpg
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  • rc bodies 001.jpg
    rc bodies 001.jpg
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  • rc bodies 010.jpg
    rc bodies 010.jpg
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